Technologies Strike Back Forum

Global and national trends in one of the most advanced technologies of our times, the "cloud," will be the basis of the fourth National Conference on Cloud Technologies.

Technologies Strike Back Forum

Bulgarian, English

Event Details:

Venue:Sofia Event Center
Event Date(s):November, 2014
Event Manager:Petya Kamenova
Telephone: +359-2-400-1121
Fax: +359-2-980-6610

Audience: The forum’s target audience is made up of representatives of government structures and organizations, industrial and manufacturing enterprises, transportation and logistics companies, telecommunications companies, commerce and services companies, financial companies, and insurance and pension insurance companies. In 2013, the attendees were C-level decision makers (executive directors, CFOs, operations directors), government officials and experts, CIOs, ICT experts, project managers, auditors, and consultants.

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