Loek Essers

Loek Essers

Loek Essers is European Correspondent for the IDG News Service in Amsterdam. Loek joined the News Service in March 2012. He focuses on online privacy, intellectual property issues, European patent litigation, electronic-payment systems and the European open-source scene.

He has been covering European and worldwide IT news since 2007, when he got an intern position as a reporter with the Dutch IDG publication Webwereld. He stayed on part-time with Webwereld after his internship and worked when he could while finishing a bachelor’s degree at the School for Journalism in Utrecht.

He also freelanced for national free daily Sp!ts, co-founded the freelancers collective Mediacontainer, pioneered live blogging in the Netherlands during the Mumbai bombings in November 2008 and organized a conference about new media in 2010. During that period, he became a full-time reporter for Webwereld.

When in high school, Essers was interested in technology and was a member of the audio team that was in charge of sound for the school's musical. During that time, he got acquainted with soldering XLR-plugs and taking the school's Intel 386 processor PCs apart. Since he wasn't very good at soldering and was not able to put the PCs back together in such a way that they would work, he decided to concentrate on languages and literature instead. The fascination for technology stayed, though.

Essers enjoys living in the center of Amsterdam. He is fluent in English and Dutch, can get by in German and occasionally tries out his holiday French.

Outside work, he enjoys cooking traditional French dishes, sampling new restaurants in Amsterdam and brewing his own beer.