10 Security Bloggers to Follow Today

Whether we like it or not, security risks are here to stay and organizations must learn to mitigate threats and implement safe practices. According to the Global State of Information Security Survey 2017, 43% of large businesses are reporting phishing accidents and 59% of organizations said they have increased cybersecurity spending as a result of digitization of their business ecosystem.

While providing its benefits, the transforming digital landscape is bringing new threats. Security breaches continue to happen on a day to day basis and it’s important to know how to prevent them from occurring in the first place. There is a never ending list of security solutions available today to help – information security, network security, data security tools – and it requires a strong security team to keep the organization prepared. In order to stay up-to-date on the latest security trends, we’ve put together a list of 10 security bloggers who won’t let you miss a beat.

Graham Cluley – Beginning his computer security career as a programmer, Graham has been in the nitty-gritty of security and now uses his experience and insight to guide his educational blog posts on security news, advice and opinions. Follow Graham on Twitter @gcluley and his blog here.


Violet Blue – Having been quoted in CNN, BBC, the Wall Street Journal and others, Violet is a well-known columnist and investigative reporter on hacking and cybercrime. She is currently a columnist at Endgadet posting weekly security articles. Check out her recent posts and follow on Twitter here @violetblue.


Gretel Egan – Gretel leads a career as a Content Manager at Wombat Security Technologies where she is an active contributor to the Wombat Security Blog. Some of her key understandings include phising, social engineering, physical security and mobile security threats. Check out her Twitter page @gretelegan.


Matthew Green – Specializing in applied cryptography, privacy-enhanced storage systems and anonymous cryptocurrencies, Matthew is a respected cryptographer and security technologist. He blogs frequently on his site “A Few Thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering” as well as educates his Twitter followers – @matthew_d_green.


Joan Goodchild – Joan is the Editor in Chief of CSOonline and responsible for the strategy behind the security news, analysis, features and tools that appear on the site. She also maintains the “Leading Edge” blog which provides insight and opinion on challenges facing security leader today. Follow her on Twitter here @msjoanieg.


Brian Krebs – Brian is an active internet security writer, showcasing his knowledge on krebsonsecurity.com in a way that he hopes will make computer security issues understandable, interesting and timely to readers. If looking for up-to-date and in-depth security posts, also check out his Tweets @brainkrebs.


Dave Lewis – Whether it be writing about hackers, breaches and enterprise security on Forbes, contributing as a Global Security Advocate at Akamai Technologies, or managing the “Brick of Enlightenment” blog on CSOonline, Dave Lewis has an active online presence when it comes to security topics. View his Twitter posts @gattaca.


Steve Ragan – Previous to Steve’s current role as senior staff writer on CSOonline, he showcased his security expertise as Security Editor at The Tech Herald and Security Reporter at SecurtiyWeek. Check out his blog “Salted Hash” to learn about the top security news, and his Twitter page @SteveD3.

paulPaul Roberts – Passionate about the tech industry and now specifically information security, hacking, privacy and online crime, Paul is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Security Ledger. He not only blogs for his site, but is the founder of The Security of Things Follow him on Twitter to learn more @paulfroberts.

Sara Sorcher – A former National Journal national security correspondent, Sara is the deputy editor at CSM Passcode. The topics she covers include internet policy throughout the federal government, the business of cybersecurity and national debates over online privacy. Read her recent stories and follow on Twitter @SaraSorcher.


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