2016 Customer Engagement Research

Content continues to play a major role with IT decision-makers as they research new technologies, and for tech marketers as a method for sharing their story. As IT decision-makers have more tech content to choose from, tech marketers must understand the role of content consumption throughout the technology purchase process. The 2016 Customer Engagement research takes an inside look at the various types and volume of content consumed, and also provides insight into IT decision-makers’ preferences with regard to tech vendor’s contact and sales follow-up.

This research will address:

  • How smart content marketing will help tech customers find you and your solutions. (Click to Tweet)
  • The types of content that IT decision-makers rely on during the purchase process, including product reviews, product demos and more. (Click to Tweet)
  • The challenges IT decision-makers face in finding credible content and what content marketers should avoid. (Click to Tweet)
  • What drives IT decision-makers to register for content and the actions they taken after finding valuable/helpful content. (Click to Tweet)

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