6 Cloud Computing Podcasts to Tune Into This Fall

According to IDG’s 2018 Cloud Computing Survey, 73% of organizations have at least one application of their computing infrastructure in the cloud, and 17% plan to do so within the next year. As cloud computing comes of age, cloud environments are maturing and, in some cases, growing more complex. None of us want to be left in the shadow of cloud advancement but staying up-to-date on these new cloud solutions can be difficult.

Fortunately, we have found some cloud experts to help us look smart when we talk to tech leaders. Below are 6 podcasts that cover everything you need to know about cloud computing. Take some time this fall to tune in!

The CloudCast: This award-winning weekly podcast covers all things cloud, from IoT, DevOps and everything in between. Hosted by computing experts Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely, the CloudCast discusses organizational changes and tech advancements, along with their impact on the ever-changing IT industry. In addition to Delp and Gracely’s commentary, thought-leaders join them to present insights and opinions about data centers and cloud computing in today’s industry. Listen here to hear more.

CloudFocus Weekly: Arkus’s podcast CloudFocus Weekly brings listeners up-to-date with all events and news involving cloud computing. Hosts and Arkus co-founders Jason Atwood and Justin Edelstein blend both humor and knowledge to teach their audiences about best cloud computing practices, tips and tricks, and their takeaways from cloud-related events. In addition to their thoughts about cloud computing, each episode concludes with a suggested “App Pick of the Week”. Tune in to this podcast here.

Cloud Unfiltered: In the form of interviews, the Cloud Unfiltered podcast by Cisco touches upon all different aspects of cloud technology, ranging from different cloud models, deployment strategies and platform compatibility. Hosts Ali Amagasu and Vallard Benincosa speak with cloud experts from companies such as SAP, Google, and VMware to evaluate cloud architectures, and have conversations about where cloud computing can take organizations in the future. In addition to software evaluation, the guests cover the culture changes that companies need to implement in order for the cloud to be successful, as well as complementary technologies that make the cloud even stronger than it already is. Want to know more? Listen here.

The Doppler Cloud Computing Podcast: This podcast, produced by Cloud Technology Partners by HPE, discusses all aspects of cloud, and evaluates new ideas that go beyond traditional cloud computing. Each episode thought leaders David Linthicum (an InfoWorld Blogger) and Mike Kavis introduce different topics and bring on other expert guests to discuss the best practices, opinions, and unique insights to what is new with cloud technology. Check it out here.

The Google Cloud Podcast: Hosts Mark Mandel and Melanie Warrick discuss a variety of topics, including advancements in the Google Cloud Platform, App Engines, and Big Query. They also utilize guest speakers and audience questions to stimulate discussions about what else is going on in the IT world. To keep listeners interested, Mandel and Warrick also include a “Cool Thing of the Week” in each episode, which is either an interesting project, cloud tips or tricks, or new cloud-related news. To learn more, listen here.

This Week in Enterprise Tech: This podcast, hosted by Louis Maresca, explores the ever changing, complex world of enterprise technology. TWiET often features guest IT professionals who explain and discuss new technologies, including cloud computing, data storage, and network security. This podcast is a great source for those who want to learn more about the complexity of cutting-edge technology. Listen weekly here.

Technology is constantly evolving, and it can be easy to fall behind as new updates and versions are released daily. Podcasts are great educational sources that inform time-crunched individuals of these changes and news stories as they happen. Interested in sharing your story or building relationships through a podcast? IDG’s content marketing experts are here to help you create a resource that your customers and prospects will look forward to hearing more from. Explore IDG’s podcast solutions here.


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