6 Lead Nurturing Articles Worth the Read to Develop Your Strategy

Lead nurturing is the glue that keeps your customers and prospects connected to you. According to Content Marketing Institute & MarketingProfs’ 2017 Technology Content Marketing Trends, North America research, 79% of tech marketers report that lead nurturing is a top content marketing goal for their organization. But it’s not always easy to know the best nurture approach to take when needs and goals vary by individual. For example, lead nurturing is not just for prospects; it’s important to consider content and communication to stay in front of your customers as well. That’s why we’ve put together a list of lead nurturing articles to get you started – ranging from what it means to have a lead score, to how to successfully create a personalized nurture campaign.

1. 5 Ingredients of Effective Lead Nurturing – Convince & Convert

Marketo Content Marketing Specialist, Ellen Gomes, shares five characteristics that drive customer and prospect connection. These tips include having a trustworthy brand, relevant communication and content, a multi-channel nurture strategy, and a long-term goal.

2. 7 B2B Lead Nurturing Best Practices That Work in 2017 – Autopilot

Check out this Autopilot blog by Lauren Davis and learn how your organization should approach their lead generation efforts. Some methods involve sending date enrichment emails to learn more about your prospects, sending various types of content such as videos, blogs and podcasts, and being able to connect your leads to data (engagement and revenue).

3. 5 Steps to Creating an Effective Scoring Model – Pardot

In order to have a successful lead nurturing campaign, you must know which leads are sales ready. This Pardot article explains the process for creating a lead scoring model, such as assigning certain points to key pieces of content, in order to simplify how you engage with specific prospects.

4. 3 Ways to Improve Your Lead Nurturing With More Personalized Content – HubSpot

In this Hubspot blog post, Kara Widdison explains that lead nurturing can be looked at like dating – you need to make a good first impression, communicate effectively, and keep reciprocal conversation going between the marketer and lead. In addition, she explains how to break bad lead nurturing habits.

5. Marketers Lean on Automation Technology to Drive Leads – eMarketer

This eMarketer research article shares how automation is key for lead nurturing by generating leads from acquired lists, automating sales outreach emails, and nurturing warm leads to be sales ready. The article also shares that 86% of survey respondents said marketing automation had been somewhat or very effective in impacting their pipeline and revenue.

6. How to Generate More Leads from Your Webinar Recordings – Marketo

Written by Jon Spenceley, this blog discusses the benefit that webinars have when it comes to nurturing your leads. Depending on the percentage of video viewed, lead scores can be adjusted which will provide a better background for your sales representatives to begin and personalize a conversation.


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