ABM360™ is the only account-based marketing solution that leverages digital display, demand generation, and data solutions to help marketers identify purchasing intent. IDG can help you build stronger relationships with your most valued customers and prospects with highly targeted and personalized interactions at scale.

Why Partner with IDG?

ABM360™ helps you decrease your sales cycle by reaching the right audience and align your product with your customer needs. You can nurture your leads through media messaging reinforcement, specifically develop your marketing engine to your target accounts, identify customer intent to increase your sales conversions, and improve the alignment between your sales and marketing team.

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42% of tech marketers say they will increase their focus on ABM in 2017

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Sonar from IDG

Provides actionable sales intelligence at the company and individual decision-maker levels with enhanced lead generation. Learn more about Sonar from IDG here…

Echo from IDG

Drives awareness and interest from target accounts lists—at scale. Eliminate waste by serving media only to the accounts that matter to marketers and demonstrate intent and increase your marketing efficacy with dynamic personalization. Learn more about Echo from IDG here…

Custom Content

We work with you to create compelling content to educate and influence prospective customers as they move down the purchase funnel, precisely timed and personalized through IDG’s data and research.