IDG B2B Audience

Who We Are

We are CIO, Computerworld, CSO, InfoWorld, and Network World – award-winning editorial brands with unique voices that go above and beyond the information needs of their expansive audiences. Our media and events resources help tech marketers access, captivate, and influence enterprise tech buyers. With 50 years of domain expertise, tech marketers rely on our unprecedented engagement with enterprise technology and security decision-makers.

What We Do

IDG helps our global audience make the smartest technology purchasing decisions. We influence the key aspects of buying decisions. We partner with tech marketers to develop strategies that identify the perfect timing, people, channels and messaging. Through a combination of media and market insights, we are a true partner for tech marketers.

How We Do It

IDG’s award-winning editorial brands deliver content that informs and influences technology and security decisions across the enterprise, and creates the optimal environment for tech marketers to engage. Demand generation, account-based marketing, and BANT give us the ability to target the right buyer at the right time and allow our partners to make strategic decisions. We provide an additional opportunity for tech marketers to build meaningful relationships with target audiences through IDG events.

Our B2B Media Brands

Our media and events resources help tech marketers access, captivate, and influence enterprise tech buyers.

TechNetwork from IDG

Delivering Audiences at Scale

We deliver audience at scale. When tech marketers need to broaden reach beyond IDG’s premium owned and operated media brands, they turn to TechNetwork from IDG. This network is powered by IDG’s 1st party data to identify target audiences based on in-market purchase intent and amplified by a focused global network of premium technology publishers, vetted for quality.

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Building Partnerships with Sales and Marketing

Think buyer insights, not just leads. Our sales team understands balancing customer goals with product knowledge and prospecting for growth. Building lead profiles, nurturing with content, and establishing trust between sales and marketing is key to success. To help ensure smooth transitions from marketing to sales, we offer training on market trends, content creation across the entire customer journey, premium data services, account-based marketing, and BANT qualified leads.

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