IDG B2C Audience

Who We Are

We are PCWorld, Macworld and TechHive–award-winning editorial brands with a loyal audience of tech enthusiasts. IDG’s buyers actively visit our sites for expert tech reviews and recommendations with content ranging from a focus on hardware and software to essential tips and buying advice to passionate Apple users. These premium consumer media brands deliver the right tech enthusiasts to tech marketers.

What We Do

IDG helps our global audience make the smartest technology purchasing decisions. The process of consumer tech purchasing has changed to one of self-education and these buyers turn to IDG to move from learning to purchase.

How We Do It

IDG’s award-winning editorial brands reach 20% of all consumers planning to buy technology. Our timely and informative content drives a loyal audience looking to self-educate and purchase. This tech enthusiast audience has the financial means and influence that tech marketers seek in their marketing strategies.

Our B2C Brands

Maximize IDG’s ability to reach consumers across the tech buying spectrum at a global scale for your marketing efforts.

TechNetwork from IDG

Delivering Audiences at Scale

We deliver audience at scale. When tech marketers need to broaden reach beyond IDG’s premium owned and operated media brands, they turn to TechNetwork from IDG. This network is powered by IDG’s 1st party data to identify target audiences based on in-market purchase intent and amplified by a focused global network of premium technology publishers, vetted for quality.

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