InfoWorld, the leading voice in emerging enterprise technology, is the go-to resource for developers, architects, and business leaders creating next-generation applications on scalable cloud platforms, where such future-focused tech as AI/machine learning, big data analytics, and NoSQL databases evolve continuously. InfoWorld serves those determined to seek business advantage by staying ahead of the technology curve.

Our Audience, Your Target

Digital transformation is on the rise, and our audience of developers, architects and business leaders are leading the implementation. They understand the direction of business and tech by not only through management, but through direct creation. This innovative and strategic group drives today’s tech growth, and the leading source to connect with them is InfoWorld.



What's Unique to InfoWorld?


The Rise of the Developer

Keeping up with software growth and senior leaders is never easy, but that’s a day in the life of the developer. InfoWorld’s “The Rise of the Developer” tech persona clearly depicts developers’ rising influence in enterprise through their strategic thinking, collaboration and continually growing skillsets.

Product Testing/Reviews

Product Testing/Reviews

Our expert, in-depth analysis of enterprise tech is a destination for tech decision-makers and business leaders when it comes to product reviews. Stay up-to-date on tech reviews and innovative, actionable solutions tested by InfoWorld’s team.


Deep Dives

IT decision-makers constantly face new technologies and with new benefits and challenges. Deep Dives provides in-depth insight and actionable advice on these specific topics from the editors of InfoWorld.


Editorial Awards

InfoWorld’s Technology of the Year Award recognizes the best and most innovative products in top hardware and software categories to business and tech professionals. Selections are made by InfoWorld editors and reviewers. Check out this year’s winners.

InfoWorld and Forrester Research, in collaboration with Penn State University Center for Enterprise Architecture, present InfoWorld Enterprise Architecture Awards to recognize companies whose practice of enterprise architecture delivers substantial business benefit to their organization. Learn more about the awards.

InfoWorld Bossie (Best of Open Source Software) Awards recognize the best in open source software for business and professional users. Bossie winners, ranging from application development tools to platforms and infrastructure software, are chosen by InfoWorld editors and reviewers. And this year’s winners are…

Our Editorial Team

Our editorial team is built on a foundation of first-hand expertise, providing our visitors with emerging tech insight and analysis. Led by executive editor Doug Dineley, InfoWorld’s editors and writers understand the enterprise technology their readers are interested in. Through their identification of technology trends, product reviews and advice, InfoWorld’s team directs IT and business leaders in the right direction to enhance their business development and establish technology leadership.

Doug Dineley, Executive Editor

InfoWorld is a digital-only property and our editorial team focuses on the tech trends currently facing our IT decision-maker readers. Due to the ever-evolving nature of this field, we do not produce an editorial calendar. If you have a timely pitch that you would like the editorial team to consider, please contact the appropriate reporter on the InfoWorld team

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