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ChannelWorld is the business information source reaching an audience of one million channel professionals (value-added re-sellers, system integrators, independent software vendors) in 22 countries.


The CIO/ CFOworld brands provide technology marketers with a unique opportunity to reach an audience of more than four million chief information officers and IT thought leaders with significant buying power in 72 countries.


Computerworld is trusted by an audience of 12 million enterprise-level IT managers for industry insight, a peer perspective on IT leadership and real-world strategies for implementing technology solutions in 47 countries.


CSO equips security end-users confronting all operational risk management disciplines —corporate and IT security, fraud and loss prevention, privacy, business continuity and more — with information of unparalleled depth and insight to support their decisions and investments.


Greenbot focuses on the rapidly growing Android ecosystem, with expertise that helps users make the best purchasing decisions and get the most from the devices they own.


This global network of websites, magazines and events helps nearly eight million IT professionals in 12 countries stay one step ahead in the adoption of new technologies.


Through its websites, ebooks, events, magazines and mobile apps, Macworld reaches a brand-loyal audience of nearly 12 million Apple and Mac enthusiasts in 12 countries.

Network World

Network World is the premier provider of information, intelligence and insight for over two million network and IT professionals in 14 countries.


Reaching an audience of 37 million consumers and technology buyers in 47 countries, PCWorld is the most widely read IT publication in the world.


As IDG's newest brand, online in three countries, TechHive caters to the growing community of people who make technology and consumer electronics an active part of their lives.


IDG has a global portfolio spanning digital, video, events and print in 97 countries. Our media brands accelerate purchasing for the entire spectrum of tech buyers. We provide unprecedented quality at scale for marketers.