With a dedicated focus on smart home and home entertainment products, TechHive explores the most interesting frontier in the technology space—namely, the consumer’s home. From home security to home automation to cord-cutting, TechHive’s news and reviews can’t be beat for depth and expertise.

The TechHive Audience

  • Tech Consumers – At Home & At Work

    87% Passionate about technology

    86% Like to consume a high amount of information on a product before making a purchase decision

    81% Provide advice on tech to family & friends

    64% Early adopters who like to try new technology

    54% Are willing to pay more for cutting edge products

  • Gaming Purchase Intent

    52% PC Gaming Desktops

    48% Graphics Cards

    41% Gaming Mice

    37% Gaming Keyboards

    35% PC Gaming Laptops

    30% Gaming Headsets

  • Plan to Purchase in Next 12 Months

    66% Computer

    44% Televisions

    43% Smartphone Features

    39% Streaming Services

    35% SmartHome

    34% Appliances

    27% Wearable Technology

    25% Streaming Hardware

    17% Gaming

  • Affluent & Educated

    $184,000 Median Salary

    82% College Degree+


    Source: TechHive 2018 Audience Research Study

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