AGENDA18 Conference Highlights Value of Awards Programs for Customer Stories

Imagine firing up your laptop in the morning and having a dashboard of all your tasks that link directly to the spot in the various applications where you need to complete something. Picture the dashboard as also displaying the paid time off you have coming, and logon-free links to other applications you access. If you work at Liberty Mutual, this is how you start your day – and you’re loving it, according to the IT executives who led the effort to create this enterprise digital assistant. In fact, it’s working so well that Liberty Mutual launched a new business unit (Workgrid Software) to commercialize it. A big win-win.

Like this story? The audience at our recent AGENDA18 conference did, too – it was the top-ranked session. Digital assistants were among several new technologies highlighted at the event — while creating a new business from within the technology organization, a hallmark of a mature digital organization, was a distinct business theme.

In fact, another top-rated session featured the former CIO/chief strategy officer at Pinnacol Insurance who had identified a new market, then led the charge to launch a new digital business around it – Cake Insure, Inc. (of which he is now CEO). In these cases and many others, business really is being led by IT.

Digital Edge 50

These organizations, and 48 others, were part of our Digital Edge 50 awards, honored at the conference. We at IDG love awards programs because they bring us so many success stories that lead to great conference (and editorial) content. They honor the often unsung heroes who work to bring great visions to life, pushing through change and recalcitrant cultures to take advantage of what technology has to offer.

They also give vendors the opportunity to submit customers for consideration to nurture those relationships and give them the VIP treatment onsite.

“The real benefit to this conference is hearing real life examples of how others in various industries faced and resolved their challenges, whether those challenges were technical, process related, cultural or behavioral,” one AGENDA18 attendee, David Whitten of Pioneer Natural Resources, told us. “We’re able to take their solutions, build on them and then apply them to our particular and unique set of challenges.”

IDG Awards Programs and Conferences

The Digital Edge 50 and the AGENDA conference are in good company with other IDG awards programs and conferences in the US. AGENDA also has a Ones to Watch award, for the next generation of CIOs. There are also the esteemed CIO 100 and CIO Hall of Fame awards, for which the 2018 winners were recently announced; they will be celebrated at the CIO 100 Symposium and Awards Ceremony, August 13-15, 2018. And there are the CSO50 awards, which recognize security initiatives that demonstrate business value and thought leadership. Those awards are open now, and winners will be honored at the CSO50 Conference, April 8-10, 2019.

Whether you’d like to nominate a customer, sponsor an awards-driven event, or have IDG help you build your own awards program, know this: There is enormous talent and achievement out there. Recognize it and you will see joy and excitement and deep satisfaction as the most gracious and humble people accept the award, deferring to the greatness of their teams. Now that’s a winning proposition.


Anne McCrory: Anne brings 20 years’ IT journalism experience and an MBA to her position as GVP of IDG Enterprise Events, where she is responsible for customer experience – the content, marketing and operations behind a meaningful conference experience. A Computerworld editor from 1991 to 2001, Anne then worked in event marketing, public relations, strategy consulting and online editorial before rejoining IDG in 2010. She holds an MBA with honors from Boston University and two bachelor’s degrees from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Follow her on Twitter at @AnneinTech.


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