Alliance Marketing Services: Providing Tactics to Enable a Partner Strategy

If you’re not an alliance/partner/channel marketer, you might be wondering, “What exactly is Alliance Marketing?” Well, when tech companies have a solution, technology or service that works well with another company’s solution, they realize that there is an opportunity to go-to-market together and sell to a targeted audience. As a result, they plan and execute a variety of marketing initiatives collectively. This entails building content, messaging, branding, sales strategy and a marketing plan.  In the end, it’s all about joint selling, and they need to collaborate on marketing to tell the “together is better” story. Companies, especially large enterprises, can have several different types of partners. For instance, HP has virtually every type of partnership imaginable (independent software vendors, technology selling partners, system integrators, service providers, channel partners and resellers). All of these partnership types involve a wide range of companies.

Sounds like it could get confusing, right? So if you are an alliance/partner/channel marketer, you might be thinking, “How do I find the resources to help us tell our story?” and “We’ve built our collaborative story, but can someone help us with executing our go-to-market strategy?”

Alliance marketers are not alone in finding the solutions, and we can help navigate this path. From an Alliance Marketing Study IDG Enterprise conducted across the B2B Technology Marketing Community on LinkedIn, we know that they are challenged with partner commitment (42%), resources (39%), strategy (26%), and focus (26%). Sixty-two percent say the number of partners they work with is expected to increase yet nearly half (48%) of enterprise organizations are still having difficulty measuring ROI for their marketing initiatives!

When talking with alliance marketers about the products and services they are looking for to enable their partner strategy, we’ve found that there are three key areas of need & interest.

  1. Demand Generation. If you think about a partnership, the partners are going to market because they have a joint solution that they can sell. In order to sell you need pipeline and leads.
  2. Content Creation. Second only to demand gen, content creation is the next preferred tactic alliance marketers are spending dollars on. Partners may have their own distinct marketing collateral, however, more content focused on the joint story is necessary.
  3. Events. Many alliance marketers are finding events to be a great way to bring technology decision-makers into a personalized setting to allow the partners to convey their joint solution in front of a captivated audience. In fact, 57% of tech decision-makers said they attend events to keep up-to-date with information they need to be effective in their roles.*

IDG Alliance Marketing Services (AMS) offers alliance marketers a consultative approach to provide the framework for a marketing plan with the goal of simplifying the process for all involved. The full IDG portfolio of brands, products, marketing services, events and data solutions is available to support them in their go-to-market initiatives. AMS takes an agnostic outlook on a partnership and is able to make suggestions for the needs of a joint marketing campaign. We have market place credibility and award-winning editorial expertise through our trusted brands.

What are your organization’s greatest challenges with alliance marketing? And what tactics do you find to be working best or need improvement in your partner marketing strategy?

For more information about Alliance Marketing Services, please visit the resources listed here.
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*2015 IDG Enterprise Role & Influence Study


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