Alliance Marketing Services

Heighten the Value of Partnerships

Create, elevate and communicate the value of your strategic partnerships and alliances to your customers and prospects with our Alliance Marketing Services. We have a unique focus on alliance marketing within the technology ecosystem that will help you build and execute the message and collateral to engage tech buyers, and scale the conversation to our premium audience. Our understanding of alliance marketing is unparalleled – let us be your partner!


Scale Your Unified Message

Bring the same benefit of converged solutions that you bring to your customers, to your own marketing programs. Leveraging our Alliance Marketing Services will provide a more holistic marketing solution when you utilize our services to tell your story by leveraging the combination of our marketing services expertise with the full portfolio our premium media brand.



Content is king, but quality, unbiased content brings technology decision-makers back for more. Don’t derail the nurturing process, let us help you tell your story with microsites, native posts, white papers, videos, infographics and more that map your solutions to their strategic needs.


Add more depth and peer perspective to your content with a unique research study. This actionable research will provide insight and content which will generate leads that are interested in the same topic as your solutions.

Social Amplification

Take the content that has been created to tell your unified story and product benefits and share it through social threading. Our content team will strategically select and participate in social discussions to share your story to increase awareness and foster conversations.

Lead Generation & Nurturing

Start the education process before a sales call with targeted branding, account based marketing and data to nurture leads through the sales funnel using our premium brands and audience data.


Whether you sponsor an established conference or create your own turn-key custom meeting, face-to-face events are the perfect atmosphere to showcase your partnership and educate buyers on how your unified solutions can turn their strategies into reality.

Sales Enablement

Solution training and understanding the buyer is a key to success. Let us help your sales team succeed with “What to Say, What to Sell” training, battle cards and customer-facing collateral answering top customer pain points addressed by your solution.