Role of the CIO – Making Strides Towards Strategic Growth

For the past 18 years, CIO has conducted the State of the CIO research to gain a better understanding of how the role of the CIO continues to evolve in today’s business climate and to help define the CIO agenda for the upcoming year. This year’s survey elevated some interesting trends, including the CIO’s involvement […]

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Surprise! IT Execs Jump into the Social Media Pool


If you think IT decision-makers (ITDMs) are too busy/important/serious to use social media, then we have a surprise for you. Recent IDG research shows that ITDMs are every bit as active in social channels as any other business professional. In fact, IDG’s 2018 Customer Engagement Research study found that 93% of ITDMs use social media […]

Tech Perspectives

Is Digital Transformation Dead? The Experts at IDC Say Absolutely Not


Is the hype surrounding digital transformation fading? You’re not alone if you’re starting to feel that way. The term has been used ad nauseam over the years, becoming a bit of a tired cliché. Some would even argue that it’s come to mean so many different things that it’s become meaningless. Clint Boulton, Senior Writer, […]


How to Ensure Data and Brand Safety


2019 is the year that digital advertising spending surpassed television’s ad revenue. The data that drives all that online ad spending is itself a $10 billion business. And, yet the market for 3rd party targeting/audience data is still the wild west and shows no signs of changing. In fact, the latest landscape shows nearly […]


CMO Perspectives: Monique Bonner, SVP/CMO, Akamai Technologies


At the leading ‘edge’ of a hot new industry category

IDG CMO Perspectives

Behind the Scenes at IDC Directions 2019 – How Digital Transformation is Altering the Workplace


According to IDC, 46% of organizations are digitally determined – meaning they have tactics in place to reboot their culture, create one digital transformation (DX) strategy, understand the financial value of DX, and have a single integrated digital platform. With that, becoming a digitally native company isn’t only about modernizing technologies to provide the best […]


Explore How the Tech Purchase Process Varies by Product Category


The average length of the technology purchase process is 4.8 months. So what are IT decision-makers (ITDMs) doing during this time frame to help them make their final purchase decision? We all know the answer, they’re self-educating and downloading content. But how much of this content do they actually find of value? IDG’s Role & […]


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