Archives for: April 28th, 2011

Attachmate CEO: Explaining an Acquisition

Written by John Gallant on 28/04/2011

The Attachmate Group bought network industry pioneer Novell in 2011, beginning the next phase of Attachmate’s evolution. I sat down with Attachmate Chairman and CEO Jeff Hawn shortly after the Novell deal was sealed to get his thoughts on positioning the acquisition for its new and old customers. Say Why the Deal Makes Sense Hawn […]

Advice for Industry-Switching CIOs

Written by Michael Friedenberg on 27/04/2011

Being successful in a new industry is difficult, but not impossible Every time another survey about CIO tenure shows up, we’re reminded yet again that a long corporate life at one company is rarely in the cards for IT leaders. Today’s CIO lasts an average of 4.1 years on the job, according to management consultancy […]

LANDesk Software CEO: Helping Customers See the Future

Written by John Gallant on 18/04/2011

LANDesk Software CEO Steve Daly believes that success in managing and securing your IT environment is a matter of perspective—and it’s better to manage from the “end user in” than the traditional “data center out.” I spoke with Daly about why he believes IT departments need this new approach, and why, despite their desire to […]

The Hype Was Right on Cloud Computing

Written by Michael Friedenberg on 11/04/2011

For a few years now, everything we’ve heard about cloud has mostly been hype. It’ll be the next transformational leap for technology, the pundits said. It will cut complexity, improve flexibility and make IT more strategic to business, the vendors said. It’s going to be so great when it gets here, the marketers said. But […]

QlikTech CEO: Get Close to End Users

Written by John Gallant on 01/04/2011

According to Gartner Group, the business intelligence market is splitting into two camps: traditional BI solutions — sold by the IBMs, Oracles and SAPs of the technology world — and the so-called data discovery platform providers led by QlikTech International. I talked with CEO Lars Bjork about making BI more relevant for more employees, and […]