Archives for: January 26th, 2012

Why Big Data Means a Big Year for Hadoop

Written by Michael Friedenberg on 26/01/2012

You can’t have a conversation in today’s business technology world without touching on the topic of big data. Simply put, it’s about data sets so large-in volume, velocity and variety-that they’re impossible to manage with conventional database tools. In 2011, our global output of data was estimated at 1.8 zettabytes (each zettabyte equals 1 billion […]

Underwriters Laboratories CIO: How IT Drives Value Now

Written by John Gallant on 26/01/2012

Underwriters Laboratories, the product testing and certification company, has been ensuring safe products for more than a century. On January 1, the company transformed from a non-profit organization to a for-profit company in the United States, with a focus on delivering new products and services to its global customer base. I talked with CIO Christian […]

IT: The Constant Within Economic Unrest

Written by IDG on 16/01/2012

Given the macroeconomic roller-coaster we’ll all witnessing, it’s difficult to say definitively how economic events will impact an organization’s IT budget. Understandably, when issues such as overseas instability emerge as a pressing concern, people tend to become more cautious with unpredictable investments, but what about the constants? Not investing at all can be just as […]