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Will 3D Printing Really Change the World?

Written by Michael Friedenberg on 30/01/2014

IDG Communications CEO Michael Friedenberg says it already has, as he contemplates 3-D printing technology that can create things as varied as a human liver and a new home. What if I were to tell you that one day printers will be able to build homes, manufacture guns and cook food? That would be pretty […]

Follow the Money: CIOs Have Nothing to Fear From CMOs

Written by Adam Dennison on 01/01/2014

If chief marketing officers are really going to end up with larger IT budgets than CIOs by 2017 (as Gartner predicted early last year), a lot would have to change–and almost overnight. Why? Because corporate IT still controls 71 percent of IT budgets in the U.S., and that number will hold steady over the next […]