Archives for: February 27th, 2014

Mapping the Digital Future of the C-Suite

Written by Adam Dennison on 27/02/2014

We all know that business is becoming increasingly digital. We’ve seen it play out in retail with Blockbuster losing to Netflix, Barnes and Noble crushed by Amazon, Black Friday giving way to Cyber Monday. As CIO‘s publisher, I witness the ebb and flow of the digital revolution in technology media every day. I was impressed […]

Organizations Realize the Need for a Data Strategy Now

Written by IDG on 05/02/2014

As game-changing tech trends such as mobile device usage, social media and sensor-derived data further feed the explosive growth of data, companies are intensifying their efforts to derive economic value through big data initiatives. According to the recent IDG Enterprise 2014 Big Data Study, interest in big data continues to rise, as 70% of enterprises […]