Archives for: April 29th, 2014

Building Relationships Accelerates Sales

Written by IDG on 29/04/2014

Congratulations marketers, brand-recognition campaigns and relationship building has been paying off. According to IDG Enterprise’s 2014 Role & Influence of the Technology Decision-Maker, brand recognition and relationship-building accelerate the sales cycle. For example, when working with a familiar vendor, the average purchase cycle for major enterprise IT purchases is 3.3 months; the cycle almost doubles […]

Do Leaders Create a Great Company Culture – or Vice Versa?

Written by Adam Dennison on 29/04/2014

Leadership and culture are two words I hear often when I talk with CIOs. But it’s a bit like the chicken-and-egg question: Which came first? Which one fostered the other? Does a great leader create a culture that people want to be a part of, or is it the culture that develops great leaders? That […]

Marketing with Impact & Reaching the Tech Buyer

Written by IDG on 08/04/2014

Enterprise organizations have varying layers and channels of decision-making, and as many tech marketers can attest, each of those layers has a specific set of individuals with specific responsibilities. What is becoming more and more evident in today’s marketing outreach is that information needs to be packaged in a way that speaks to the specific […]