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DEMO Fall 2014 Conference Wraps Day Two of Launching New Startups — and Crowned DEMO Gods

Written by IDG on 25/11/2014

SAN JOSE, CA–(Marketwired – Nov 20, 2014) – DEMO Fall 2014 ( today welcomed the launch of another 20 technology products and services focused on solving real-life problems. The conference showcased a hand-selected group of entrepreneurs demonstrating new technologies in the areas of Bitcoin and personal finance, cloud, messaging and the Internet of Things, and […]

Top 10 Tech Industry Megatrends of 2015

Written by Michael Friedenberg on 21/11/2014

More IT vendors will split up. Boards will get even more paranoid about security. UX and CX become critical competencies for CIOs. “Futurology has always bounced around between common sense, nonsense and a healthy dose of wishful thinking.” That’s how a 2012 Scientific American article summed up the history of prediction. Our compelling annual urge […]

RESEARCH: How to Drive Engagement Through Social Media 2014

Written by IDG on 13/11/2014

In January 2006 Twitter didn’t exist, blogging was mocked, and Facebook was for students. Over the following five years social media took off, but still many people questioned the importance of social networks in the B2B space. Now in 2014, its usefulness has been proven over and over again and it continues to gain momentum. […]

Opportunities in the Next Wave of Cloud Computing

Written by IDG on 12/11/2014

A shift is starting to happen as cloud begins to move past the exploration phase. An increasing number of companies have already chosen what operations work best for the cloud, showing the growing implementation of cloud and movement down the adoption curve. According to IDG Enterprise’s 2014 Cloud Computing Study, the percentage of organizations that […]