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Tech Marketers: Storytellers or Scientists?

Written by Jen Garofalo on 21/05/2015

According to the Tech Marketing Priorities study by IDG Research, a successful tech marketer needs to be the proper balance of storyteller and data scientist. This is a challenge media companies can assist with on several fronts through the design of custom marketing programs to fuel the “storytelling”, to help with the “science” of designing […]

Beyond Moore’s Law: Five technologies that will change the future

Written by Michael Friedenberg on 21/05/2015

IDG CEO Mike Friedenberg is watching the tech horizon and sees game-changing technologies in A.I., robotics, quantum computing and more. In all the reading I do about the technology landscape and the future of the CIO role, I encounter every kind of punditry and industry analysis: the obvious, the erroneous and, occasionally, the exceptional. In […]

Trending: Tips for Keeping Buyer Personas Fresh

Written by IDG on 18/05/2015

Does your company have the same goals, challenges, and position in the industry as it did several years ago? For many, the answer is most likely no. Your target could be going through continual changes as well. That’s why it’s important to keep a fresh perspective of who your audience is and what their buying […]

IDG Enterprise: 2015 Big Data and Analytics Research

Written by IDG on 15/05/2015

Framingham, Mass.—March 9, 2015—IDG Enterprise— the leading enterprise technology media company composed of CIO, Computerworld, CSO, DEMO, InfoWorld, ITworld and Network World—announces the release of the 2015 Big Data and Analytics research, which spotlights an increase in the number of deployed data-driven projects over the past year and reveals that many organizations are still planning […]

Paid, Owned, Earned B2B Content Marketing Trends

Written by IDG on 05/05/2015

IDG Sponsored 2015 research by Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs on how tech marketers have changed their content marketing practices over the last year. This video focuses more specifically on trends within a paid, owned, earned media strategy.


B2B Technology Content Marketing: 2015 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends — North America

Written by IDG on 05/05/2015

Register for Content Marketing World 2015 taking place Sept 8-11th: In addition to CMIWorld 2015, Content Marketing Institute (CMI) issued research over the past year. Among all groups CMI studied this year, technology marketers are the most likely to use content marketing. They’re also the group that is most focused on lead generation as the primary […]

Pure Storage CEO: Seeing is Believing – A Key Principle for this Market Disruptor

Written by John Gallant on 01/05/2015

The term ‘disruption’ gets tossed about a lot – too often – in the technology industry. But it isn’t always hype. Backed by nearly half a billion dollars in investment, CEO Scott Dietzen and Pure Storage, driving pure flash storage technology, are hard at work disrupting a big chunk of the enterprise storage market. I […]