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Finding the courage for career transformations

Written by Adam Dennison on 30/09/2015

Admiring IT execs who tackle the challenges of moving into dramatically different industries. We talk a lot about transformation in this industry: digital transformation, IT transformation, business transformation, and so on. But what we often overlook are career and personal transformation. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Tony Koures, CTO at the University of […]

Get to Know the Award-Winning Editorial Content behind Our Brands

Written by IDG on 29/09/2015

IDG Enterprise has had a big year. We’ve enhanced the design and functionality of our brands’ websites and launched new products all while making sure our audience of tech decision-makers have the resources they need to stay up-to-speed on the important tech trends, products and services out there. That’s why when the American Society of […]

Millennials driving corporate IT strategies

Written by Jen Garofalo on 24/09/2015

The surge of millennials in the US workforce is reshaping business environments and driving IT departments to adapt their infrastructures with millennial-friendly technologies, including mobility, cloud, big data and social media, according to a new study by Randstad Technologies and IDG Research Services.

Tech Marketers Embrace Social Media

Written by Jen Garofalo on 23/09/2015

According to our Tech Marketing Priorities study, metrics are crucial to social media marketing. While 3/4 of tech marketers are leveraging social media as part of their marketing strategy, 64 % state measurement/ROI is still a top concern when initiating a social media campaign.   Watch the one minute video below to understand how tech marketers […]

Adapting IT Skill Sets for Business Success

Written by Nancy Newkirk on 22/09/2015

As we move different aspects of the business to the cloud and as technologies get more diverse, numerous and complex, IT skill sets need to adapt. When a position opens up, we try to be forward thinking and hire the skill set we need for the future, whether it is looking within the team and […]

Content Marketing’s Data-Driven Mandate

Written by Rob O'Regan on 16/09/2015

Last week’s Content Marketing World conference in Cleveland offered a dizzying mashup of left- and right-brainers – not surprising given the increased emphasis on measuring marketing performance. “Analytics is data-driven empathy – making decisions that combine the creative process with the analytical process,” said Andy Crestodina, strategic director with Orbit Media Studios, a web design […]

Trending: The Real Tangible Benefits of Influencer Marketing

Written by IDG on 14/09/2015

When it comes to marketing, there’s no point in promoting your brand unless you’re targeting the right audience. This is where influencer marketing comes in. Despite the extra time and budget, influencers create a powerful, targeting endorsement for your content. Learn more about the strengths behind influencer marketing: 80% of all B2B purchases involve some […]

Welcome to IDG TechPulse

Written by IDG on 08/09/2015

It’s a fact – 70% of B2B marketers are creating more content than they did just one year ago. More than half (54%) state they are challenged with producing enough engaging content on a consistent basis*. Can you relate? Are you looking for more fuel for your content marketing and social media efforts?

Alliance Marketing Services: Providing Tactics to Enable a Partner Strategy

Written by IDG on 08/09/2015

If you’re not an alliance/partner/channel marketer, you might be wondering, “What exactly is Alliance Marketing?” Well, when tech companies have a solution, technology or service that works well with another company’s solution, they realize that there is an opportunity to go-to-market together and sell to a targeted audience. As a result, they plan and execute […]