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CDW/IDG Enterprise Partnership Proves Fruitful

Written by IDG on 29/10/2015

For several years, we have been producing a broad spectrum of executive events across the United States for and with our strategic partner CDW, a leading provider of integrated information technology solutions in the U.S. and Canada. The event series has rapidly generated high attendee satisfaction scores and reached attendee goals in the face of […]

Event Marketing & Strategies: Building Relationships with Face-to-Face Engagement

Written by IDG on 27/10/2015

Events constitute the biggest line item on a B2B marketer’s budget, with nearly 20% of spending being committed to live events, and 21% saying they will increase it. We know that events are an important and valuable way to reach buyers face-to-face. With 57% of tech leaders relying on industry events to keep them up-to-date, […]

2016 Global State Of Information Security Survey Research Results

Written by IDG on 23/10/2015

The annual Global State of Information Security Survey 2016 is the most comprehensive overview of the evolving information security industry. This year’s results show that organizations are still playing catch up in protecting their assets. Emerging technologies and the adoption of risk frameworks are becoming a key part of cybersecurity.

VMware CEO: Focus on the Mission-Critical, Enterprise Valuable

Written by John Gallant on 20/10/2015

It’s an interesting time to be the CEO of VMware. The company is one of the pioneers of the modern data center, and now, it’s rolling out new offerings around cloud platforms and hybrid networking. At the time of our discussion, rumors were swirling about what would happen to VMware as part of a possible […]

Peers are the #1 Info Source…but it’s Worth a Closer Look

Written by IDG on 20/10/2015

It’s the age old tech marketing quest – how to best engage IT decision-makers (ITDMs). Understanding their information needs and knowing the sources they are using is always a good start. In our annual Role & Influence of the Technology Decision Maker survey, we examine the sources of information used by ITDMs to keep up […]

Trending: Activate Data To Engage The Right Individual

Written by IDG on 19/10/2015

Customers are increasingly expecting personalized communication, and being able to deliver on that expectation sets brands apart. Data is a marketer’s key to gaining more insight into their audience and then crafting one-to-one communications. A recent article from Marketing Land describes how to unlock data to drive in-depth and actionable campaigns that engage customers. The […]

The Pros & Cons of a Potential Market Disrupter

Written by IDG on 15/10/2015

What might the future of enterprise networking look like? With promises of lower cost, higher flexibility, and more control, the answer could potentially be white-box networking – the move toward open source network operating systems running on commodity hardware. This technology is just beginning to get attention from technology leaders, but has the potential to […]

Peer Learning Sheds Light on Paths to Tech Engagement

Written by IDG on 14/10/2015

REGISTER FOR IDG ENTERPRISE ENGAGE IN SEATTLE, WA ON MARCH 30, 2016 Peer sharing and conversations were flowing at the fourth IDG Enterprise Engage event in Austin, TX last week. At each IDG Enterprise Engage event, top tech marketers, industry leaders and IDG Enterprise experts gather to discuss the technology landscape, learn first-hand from CIOs […]