Archives for: February 24th, 2016

What Does Security Education Look Like at your Company?

Written by Nancy Newkirk on 24/02/2016

Security experts say that employees are the weakest link in your security chain. In fact, CSO’s recent survey, the 2016 Global State of Information Security Survey, reinforces this. When security professionals were asked what the likely source of security incidents is, the top response from an insider perspective was current employees. When nearly a quarter […]

Why it pays to meet your customers

Written by Adam Dennison on 18/02/2016

In the May 2015 issue of CIO magazine, I wrote that it was time for CIOs to gain a better understanding of their companies’ external customers, and even to start taking steps that would lead to themselves and their teams spending time directly with those customers. Now that we are firmly in the customer experience […]

Are We Overthinking Content Marketing?

Written by IDG on 16/02/2016

There’s a lot of average content floating around out there – so what can marketers do to make their content stand out amongst the noise? Just because the content marketing platform allows you to provide more detail than a 30 second commercial spot or a direct mail postcard, does that mean you should clutter your […]

The Best Security is a Good Offense

Written by IDG on 04/02/2016

In almost every aspect of our current day-to-day activities, security is a high concern. Whether it’s what to access on the internet, where to save your passwords, or the future of transportation (i.e. self-driving cars), we must always be up to speed on warning signs and happenings. Although 2014 was a busy year for security […]

Lead Nurturing Best Practices [Video]

Written by IDG on 01/02/2016

The buying journey continues to become more complex with a growing number of voices in the conversation. Knowing how best to nurture your leads with strong engagement is key to a successful demand generation strategy. Watch highlights from the Driving Demand Generation Success panel discussion and learn nurturing best practices to help you deliver high quality, actionable leads to sales.