Archives for: April 27th, 2016

What to know about CIO roles and responsibilities

Written by IDG on 27/04/2016

Personas: We know we need to deeply understand them in order to market effectively. So, if you’re trying to reach CIOs and other heads of IT, it is crucial to understand their roles and responsibilities within their organizations as part of that persona. One of the most important things to realize about the role of […]

5 Competencies for a Modern Marketing Organization

Written by IDG on 26/04/2016

Our current market landscape is being led by self-educated buyers, and these buyers are moving fast and marketers need to move faster. Rich Vancil, Group VP of IDC, kicked off his IDC Directions session on “Best Practices in Building the New Marketing Machine” with this sentiment. So how do marketers not just move faster, but […]

2016 Customer Engagement Research

Written by IDG on 22/04/2016

Content continues to play a major role with IT decision-makers as they research new technologies, and for tech marketers as a method for sharing their story. As IT decision-makers have more tech content to choose from, tech marketers must understand the role of content consumption throughout the technology purchase process. The 2016 Customer Engagement research takes […]

It’s time to lean in on IT hiring

Written by Adam Dennison on 21/04/2016

How are you feeling about your IT budget over the next 12 months? I ask because we have an Economic Outlook research study at CIO that we update on a quarterly basis and, since November of 2012, between 51% and 57% of respondents have said that their budgets would rise over the next 12 months. […]

How Are Your B2B Tech Marketing Peers Using Content?

Written by IDG on 19/04/2016

Technology marketers are an interesting group. They report the highest adoption rate of content marketing among all groups of marketers we survey: 95%. However, they face a host of unique content marketing challenges: They are tasked with creating many types of content for numerous points along a complicated, multi-layered buyer’s journey. They operate in an […]

Telling a Clear Story with Data

Written by Jen Garofalo on 11/04/2016

When you work with statistics, it’s easy to get into the habit of presenting them with charts and spreadsheets. Unfortunately, many of our partners in business don’t have the background to understand the significance of our findings. Many people find data presentation to be dry and boring; stories often make it easier to understand what […]

Native Advertising: What You Need to Know

Written by Gordon Plutsky on 05/04/2016

Native advertising is one of the fastest growing forms of advertising and projected to be a $4-billion-dollar market in 2016.* For those new to native, here is some background and six best practices to receive optimal results. Native advertising is a type of paid media where the ad experience follows the natural form and function […]

Peer Influence In The CIO Decision-Making Process

Written by IDG on 04/04/2016

There is a lot riding on each decision a CIO makes. This is especially true when it comes to IT investment decisions, because one wrong move can mean the difference between achieving productivity gains and a competitive edge, and a setback that’s hard to recover from.