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Engaging Customers with Content Marketing

Written by IDG on 25/05/2016

The recently released 2016 Content Marketing research from Content Marketing Institute (CMI) & MarketingProfs shows that tech marketers continue to increase their use of content marketing – 95% of tech marketers use content marketing. In fact, tech marketers are the most likely to use content marketing out of all of the verticals measured. However, it […]

Marketing to Millennials – Their B2B Buying Influence

Written by Gordon Plutsky on 24/05/2016

Get any two marketers together and the subject of selling to millennials is sure to come up. Those conversations usually happen in the context of business to consumer (B2C) marketing. However, the younger generation is becoming very influential in business to business (B2B) purchasing. Technology companies need to understand how their buying behavior is different […]

Tech Vendors: Create a Connection Early in the Sales Experience

Written by Nancy Newkirk on 20/05/2016

Like most CIO’s, I get messages daily from sales reps at companies that I don’t do business with currently. A few catch my attention, and some I will respond to. The methods and timing for vendor communication can create a positive association or a negative one, and it’s important to know that fine line. So, […]

Don’t Let Your Culture Keep You Off of the Cloud

Written by Adam Dennison on 16/05/2016

I had recently the pleasure of hosting a CIO dinner in Palo Alto, Calif., with a dozen IT execs and one of our vendor partners. The topic was cloud computing and my key questions were, “Where are your organizations today versus two to three years ago in moving to the cloud?” and “What are the […]

Create Relevant Content for Lasting Relationships

Written by IDG on 16/05/2016

How can you create content that resonates with existing customers and attracts new ones? According to Ardath Albee, CEO and Marketing Strategist for Marketing Interactions, the key is crafting and using personas. CMSWire recently interviewed Albee to find out more about persona-driven content marketing. Some highlights: A buyer persona can help marketers understand how a […]

Inside the Minds of Seattle’s Tech Leaders

Written by IDG on 11/05/2016

This past March, we had the pleasure of hosting our 5th IDG Enterprise Engage event in Seattle, WA – a city known as a new center of the tech boom and home to tech visionaries like Microsoft and Amazon. As with previous Engage summits, IDG Enterprise experts, tech marketers, and industry leaders came together to […]

Digital Transformation – It’s All About Scale

Written by IDG on 06/05/2016

At this year’s IDC Directions in Boston, the theme for the entire day was scale. Right from the beginning, IDC analysts focused attention to tech innovation through the developer, which will help businesses advance their use of 3rd platform technologies (how IDC buckets Cloud, Big Data/Analytics, Mobile, and Social solutions). Conference keynote speaker, Frank Gens, […]

Shifting Roles in the Tech Purchase Process

Written by IDG on 03/05/2016

Each year within the Role & Influence of the Technology Decision-Maker study, we ask “Including yourself, which of the following groups are involved in each stage of the tech purchase process at your organization?” In general, line of business management and the CIO are the most likely to be involved in the earliest stage when […]