Archives for: June 29th, 2016

Connecting Content Marketing to Sales

Written by IDG on 29/06/2016

We have all heard the Forrester stat that tells us the buyer is 60-90% through their purchase process before they connect with a vendor – whether that be them reaching out to engage, or when they accept the outreach of the vendor sales team. The bottom line is that IT decision-makers (ITDMs) don’t want to […]

IDG CMO Perspectives: Simon Mulcahy, CMO, Salesforce

Written by IDG on 24/06/2016

Simon Mulcahy, interim CMO of Salesforce, speaks to Josh London, CMO of IDG and shares his thoughts on using insights to suggest next steps for customer outreach at exactly the right time, balancing the art and science of marketing and the Dreamforce Experience.

IDG CMO Perspectives: Whitney Bouck, COO, HelloSign

Written by IDG on 24/06/2016

Whitney Bouck, HelloSign’s Chief Operating Officer, speaks to Josh London, CMO of IDG and shares her thoughts on using insights to drive a better customer experience, the art and science of marketing and the importance of finding your service evangelists.

Millennials as B2B Buyers: How to Respond

Written by Gordon Plutsky on 15/06/2016

In part one of our look at millennial B2B purchase behavior we reviewed new research from IBM and Sacunas that illustrates how Gen Y behaves when evaluating products for their company. While this research covers purchases of all types of B2B products and services we can apply the insights to technology products and services. Millennials […]

How to Become a Trusted Source of Information Through Inbound Marketing

Written by IDG on 15/06/2016

We’re in a time where prospective customers continually search for relevant information to help educate them during their purchase process. But the question is, what makes these customer and prospects read the specific content they do? Smart Business spoke with Jonathan Ebenstein, Partner, Strategic Marketing Services, at Skoda Minotti, who claims inbound marketing is the […]