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5 Statistics that Will Change Your View of the B2B Buyer’s Journey

Written by Jen Garofalo on 22/07/2016
Targeted Marketing

We know that B2B customers have become empowered information seekers. Business buyers want valuable advice during the purchasing process. They search online, compare products, read reviews and white papers, and talk with each other, especially through social media, often before speaking with a sales representative.

Using Content Quality to Improve Your SEO Results

Written by Gordon Plutsky on 22/07/2016

There has been buzz in the search engine optimization (SEO) community about some recent changes to the way Google’s algorithm ranks sites for organic search. It is part of the ongoing efforts to deliver results that provide searchers with the payoff to their questions and queries. When IT buyers want answers to vexing tech solution […]

Enterprise Architects: Educating Their Way to IT and Business Alignment

Written by IDG on 20/07/2016

As we know from previous IDG research – InfoWorld’s The Rise of the Developer persona study – enterprise developers hold both strategic and technical roles within their organizations. Now, based on an additional persona study, we know the future role of many of these individuals will hold – enterprise architects, aligning IT and business. The […]

Brand Journalism

Written by IDG on 19/07/2016

There are many parts to a journalism strategy. In a recent Huffington Post article Sachin Kamdar provides five tip for to be a successful brand publisher. Understand the difference between content marketing and brand journalism. Connect with people through human interest stories. Connect content back marketing and communications goals. Don’t make it about your brand. […]

The Power of Insights

Written by Josh London on 08/07/2016

Companies focusing on customer experience as a key differentiator are able to stand apart in a sea of sameness. Lately, I’ve been intrigued by the insights that come from this focus on the “cumulative experiences across multiple touchpoints and in multiple channels over time,” as customer experience is described in an article from Harvard Business […]