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Staying Up-to-Date with SEO

Written by IDG on 30/01/2017

I recently spent the weekend with my nephews and they were excited to play a game they made up with me. Some rules made sense and some took a while to get a handle of, and of course the minute I thought I had it all down and was playing fierce and having success, I […]

Using Custom Research to Tell Your Brand’s Story

Written by IDG on 27/01/2017

  Many years ago in my old neighborhood, a woman around my age moved into the small apartment above the house next door. We gradually got to know each other, and one day the obligatory question about what we each do for a living came up. I explained that I work in market research, and […]

Insights from Inbound: The Use of Marketing Intelligence Tools

Written by IDG on 26/01/2017

The topics focused on and lessons learned at the various sessions put on at Inbound 2016 were truly inspiring and eye-opening. At a time when news headlines suggest that we are moving backwards on certain issues, Inbound reinforced the positive growth and future that technology can offer organizations, especially the marketing department. Technology, specifically artificial […]

When it Comes to Reaching Tech-Involved LOB, Content Tailoring is Key [Download]

Written by IDG on 25/01/2017

The pervasiveness of technology into business has brought a new strata of Line of Business decision-makers to the fore. Buying influence often extends across the IT organization and beyond to include other C-level influencers, Line of Business managers and staff, many of whom are seeing their ability to compete and thrive completely transformed by technology.

Keeping Your Content Clean

Written by IDG on 24/01/2017

As a marketer, we have all had moments when we burn the midnight oil or hit the office before sunrise to meet a deadline. Grammarly recently did an analysis of the content their service reviews, comparing several content types (email, social, blogs…). The findings: there are fewer mistakes made by early birds compared to the […]

Security: A Business Mandate

Written by Bob Bragdon on 24/01/2017
Secuirty a business mandate

If we’ve learned nothing else over the past several years, I hope that we’ve at least come to understand that security is everyone’s responsibility. At, story after story has documented how the largest and most impactful security events have been facilitated by poor security practices, or even simple security oversights. These don’t just occur […]

Meet Steve: The Tech-Involved LOB Persona [Download]

Written by IDG on 20/01/2017

Tech-Involved Line of Business (LOB) decision-makers are complex individuals. IDG’s global study explores: The role of Tech-Involved LOB in the purchase of IT products and services Tech-Involved LOB content consumption and needs Tech-Involved LOB emotional drivers Tech-Involved LOB directly influence 38% of annual IT budgets. Therefore, understanding Tech-Involved LOB is key to an effective marketing strategy. IDG has developed a snapshot of the […]

The CIO role grows more strategic

Written by Adam Dennison on 18/01/2017

Our 2017 State of the CIO data shows positive movement in the three KPIs I track: reporting structure, tenure and evolution of the CIO role. Here’s a snapshot of trends in these areas. Reporting Structure Most C-level executives want to report to the CEO. This year, 46 percent of the nearly 650 CIOs we surveyed […]

CMO Data Insights [Video]

Written by IDG on 13/01/2017

Data is the global currency of marketers to deliver high-value sales and real ROI. The insights from data can identify purchasing intent, provide deep profiling and targeting and help personalize the buyer journey.

Influencing the Influencers: New Global Research from IDG

Written by IDG on 11/01/2017

As technology transforms work processes beyond the borders of IT, functional business leaders have had no choice but to devote resources to collaborate with IT decision makers to understand and leverage the technology solutions that will best meet business needs.

Context Marketing – the Essential Complement to Content Marketing

Written by Barbara R. Call on 05/01/2017

Google the word “context” and here’s the definition: the circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood and assessed. Context is essential in communication. A comment, idea, or opinion that’s delivered without context often feels socially awkward, as in “where did that […]