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Boardroom Battle for the Customer: Who Owns the Customer Experience in Today’s Business Environment?

Written by Josh London on 28/02/2017

Customer Experience (CX) in many ways has redefined how we view connections with our customers. While many companies focus on customer experience during the pre-sale period, the most successful attend to every touchpoint for the duration of the relationship between customer and company.


Companies no longer own the customer – it is the customer who now owns the company. Today’s customer is directly in touch with the company and with other customers, and their “experience bar” is constantly rising. With this shifting power dynamic, customer expectations have grown exponentially, and CMOs must now discern how to best integrate these expectations into organizational strategies. This, in turn, brings new accountability and expectations into the boardroom.


I’m excited for the 12th Annual IDC + IDG Marketing Summit: Boardroom Battle for the Customer, in Palo Alto on March 2nd, where I’ll be co-moderating a panel of top CMOs.


Recent IDC research shows that as many as 40% of organizations have a designated CX officer. Is there really a need for an “owner”? Shouldn’t a great customer experience be everyone’s job? Ongoing jockeying-for-position in the C-Suite to lead this effort is now prevalent in many organizations. What is the role of the CMO in providing great CX? Is the mandate to facilitate cross-functional buy-in or to lead the effort? ?



Companies no longer own the customer – it is the customer who now owns the company.



CMOs are in a unique position carrying the voice of the customer throughout their organization and with the participation of their colleagues, crafting the customer experience. How does marketing affect all of CX and bring in finance, IT, customer service and technical support, so the entire team is, in effect, sharing the same customer-centric vision?


I look forward to the discussion in Palo Alto, where I expect we’ll come up with some terrific ideas. Please post your comments or email me directly, as I’d love to take your input into consideration before I take the stage on the 2nd! 



Publisher-as-Agency? Nothing Wrong with That

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CMO Content Marketing Insights [Video]

Written by IDG on 21/02/2017

  Content marketing continues to be a top priority for tech marketers. 95% of B2B tech marketers indicate they use content marketing, however only 30% say their organization is using it effectively. 

Network Professionals – Tech Influencers & Collaborators

Written by IDG on 17/02/2017

Based on our past research we know that IT leads the tech purchase process, and more individuals are becoming involved throughout the process. Insight from the 2017 State of the Network research shows that one growing influencer is the network professional. As technology evolves, 87% of network professionals agree that their role is becoming more […]

Storytelling with Data: 5 Expert Tips

Written by Jen Garofalo on 16/02/2017

“Our brains are insanely greedy for stories,” explains Fast Company’s Rachel Gillette. That’s because stories trigger the human biology of cooperation, activating our will to solve problems and collectively survive and thrive.


Want to Outsource Your Content Marketing? Here’s What Your Content Partner Needs to Know.

Written by Barbara R. Call on 14/02/2017

You’ve decided to outsource your content marketing. You’ve hired a trusted partner, such as IDG Strategic Marketing Services, to bring your ideas to life.  To hit the mark with the content we develop—whether that’s videos, white papers, blogs, tweets, or infographics—we need your help at the outset. To give us both the best chance of […]

What Drives Executives to Adopt Data Driven Decision Making?

Written by Jen Garofalo on 09/02/2017

Top performing firms operate in a data driven culture. But making data analysis central to business decisions disrupts the traditional practice of basing actions on intuition, opinion or hunches. Adopting data-driven decision practices takes deliberate effort, and can be a simple step-by-step process. Successful adopters have found these processes improve profitability and help them make better strategy decisions.


What does the Future Hold for Technology Spending Plans?

Written by IDG on 09/02/2017

When trying to engage tech decision-makers effectively, it is vitally important to know their tech priorities and spending plans for the future. But how do you go about finding this information without a crystal ball or time machine? Well luckily Computerworld conducts an annual study to forecast organizations’ future technology spending plans. And according to […]

5 Tips to Add Heart to Your Tech Content Marketing

Written by IDG on 07/02/2017

Alyssa has been preparing content marketing assets to promote her cloud solution. Her assets haven’t generated the response she’d like, and she’s finding it downright hard to cut through media noise and clutter. To convince her target they need her solution, she needs a new approach…. One approach for Alyssa to consider is to weave […]

The Emotional Drivers of Tech-Involved LOB [Infographic]

Written by IDG on 06/02/2017
It’s impossible to underestimate the importance of emotion in technology purchases
– emotional drivers vary widely between the IT and Tech-Involved Line of Business decision-maker (LOB) audiences. Because marketers must target both IT and Tech-Involved LOB it is crucial for marketers to understand how best to influence the Tech-Involved LOB—the key is creating and delivering content aligned to emotional drivers. Are you considering what types of emotional situations you should avoid or exploit? You’ll find key highlights from IDG’s research in the infographic below, with further insights and ideas with the larger findings at