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IDG CMO Perspectives: Tim Minahan, CMO and SVP, Citrix (Part 2)

Written by IDG on 23/05/2017

Tim Minahan, Chief Marketing Officer and SVP of Citrix, discusses how Citrix uses data to predict customer needs and engagement readiness, Citrix’s content marketing approach and the importance of industry events in building credibility and long-term relationships with new audiences.

How to Measure the ROI of Your Content Marketing

Written by Gordon Plutsky on 23/05/2017

One of the key insights from the recently released Content Marketing Institute’s (CMI) Technology Content Marketing 2017 report is that marketers are still having trouble determining KPIs and ascribing ROI measures to their content efforts. It is not that surprising as gauging the impact of your whole content plan or even a single piece of […]

The Security Shift – are enterprise and SMB organizations on the same page?

Written by IDG on 22/05/2017

It’s slightly shocking to learn that only 47% of organizations have a formal CSO/CISO role. As security breaches continue to be a major business issue, one would think that targeted and skilled senior security executives would be prevalent at all organizations; however our 2017 Security Priorities study proved otherwise. The role is widely seen among […]

Programmatic Challenges and Solutions for a Growing Market [Infographic]

Written by IDG on 18/05/2017

  New research by IDG TechNetwork shows that although worldwide programmatic buying is expected to reach $56.1 billion in 2019,  marketers are still facing challenges with scale, depth and trust regarding campaign performance. 55% of programmatic buyers say viewability is the most significant challenge for buyers in the private marketplace.

IDG CMO Perspectives: Tim Minahan, CMO and SVP, Citrix (Part 1)

Written by IDG on 11/05/2017

Tim Minahan, Chief Marketing Officer and SVP of Citrix, discusses how Citrix is blending the art and science of marketing by combining the buyer’s journey with a deep understanding of their audience, his history with the cloud and how the cloud world is contributing to the evolving role of the CMO.

Full Spectrum Demand Generation

Written by IDG on 08/05/2017

Are your demand generation goals and challenges the same as your B2B tech marketing peers? According to B2B Lead Generation Trends Report from the Technology Marketing Group on LinkedIn, only 13% say their lead gen strategies are “very successful” in achieving their objectives. Understanding the buyers’ journey is essential for moving customers and prospects through […]

IDC Directions Recap: The Business Impact of Augmented & Virtual Reality

Written by IDG on 05/05/2017

Remember that Pokémon Go frenzy last summer? That location-based, augmented reality app was top of mind July 2016; and the attraction towards real world immersion applications doesn’t seem to be fading any time soon. At this year’s IDC Directions, Tom Mainelli, Program Vice President, Devices & AR/VR, shared the use of augmented and virtual reality […]

3 Steps for Combating Low Viewability with Programmatic Buying

Written by IDG on 04/05/2017

  According to IDC, total worldwide display advertising transacted through programmatic platforms will increase from $7.6 billion in 2014 to $56.1 billion in 2019. As advertisers move more of their digital media budgets to programmatic in hopes of better return on investment, they are seeking

6 Lead Nurturing Articles Worth the Read to Develop Your Strategy

Written by IDG on 04/05/2017

Lead nurturing is the glue that keeps your customers and prospects connected to you. According to Content Marketing Institute & MarketingProfs’ 2017 Technology Content Marketing Trends, North America research, 79% of tech marketers report that lead nurturing is a top content marketing goal for their organization. But it’s not always easy to know the best […]

Tech Marketers Show Commitment to Content Marketing; Now Comes the Hard Part

Written by Rob O'Regan on 03/05/2017

Technology marketers are making steady progress with content marketing. As their “brand as publisher” strategies take root, the next step for many will center on more precise measurement and an evolving strategy defined by a more diverse content mix. The Content Marketing Institute’s (CMI) recently released Technology Content Marketing 2017 report paints a positive picture […]

2017 Tech Content Marketing Challenges [Infographic]

Written by IDG on 02/05/2017

  New research conducted by Content Marketing Institute and sponsored by IDG shows that technology marketers are faced with challenges when trying to find success in their content marketing.