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IDG CMO Perspectives: Robin Matlock, CMO, VMware

Written by IDG on 27/10/2017

As digital transformation changes the way technology is viewed within an organization, CMO Robin Matlock sits down with Josh London, CMO of IDG Communications, to discuss VMware’s new engagement model, how her team is helping customers transform with cloud, mobile and security, and the leadership role marketing is playing in digital transformation.

Behind the Power of Echo from IDG, Now a Part of IDG’s U.S. ABM360™ Suite

Written by IDG on 17/10/2017

ABM360 is a robust product suite from IDG that helps tech marketers build stronger relationships with valuable customers and prospects. This account-based marketing solution can help decrease a sales cycle by reaching the right audience and aligning a product with customer needs. Recently, IDG added Echo from IDG to our ABM360 suite in the U.S. Echo […]