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IDG CMO Perspectives: Sally Jenkins, EVP & CMO, Informatica

Written by IDG on 21/11/2017

As Informatica completes their recent brand relaunch, EVP & CMO, Sally Jenkins, sits down with IDG Communications’ CMO, Josh London, to discuss Informatica’s evolving go-to-market strategy, how her team is using predictive analytics to decipher customers’ digital body language, and how data is defining the role of marketing and the CMO in the C-suite.

Industry Insight – Outlining the Tech Purchase Process by Vertical Sector

Written by IDG on 17/11/2017

As organizations continue to expand their technology toolbox, it’s important for tech marketers to understand how IT decision-makers (ITDMs) are learning about solutions and arriving at final decisions. As 50% of current tech leaders say they value content tailored specifically by their industry, tech marketers must also be aware of the process behind tech purchase for […]

IDG CMO Perspectives: Sean Ford, SVP & CMO, LogMeIn

Written by IDG on 16/11/2017

LogMeIn CMO, Sean Ford, sits down with Josh London, CMO of IDG Communications, to discuss LogMeIn’s focus on digital transformation for the coming year, how he’s leading his team through times of industry change, and how LogMeIn is elevating the modern workforce.

Tech Leaders & Tech Marketers Agree: Attending Events is Time Well Spent [Video]

Written by IDG on 15/11/2017

Face-to-face events create an educational environment for networking with peers and vendors, as well as overall knowledge sharing. According to IDG’s 2017 IDG Customer Engagement research, the top 3 reasons tech leaders attend events are to explore new products, meet new vendors and learn about their solutions, as well as ask questions of existing vendors. So, it’s not surprising […]

IDG CMO Perspectives: Mo Katibeh, CMO, AT&T Business

Written by IDG on 09/11/2017

AT&T Business CMO Mo Katibeh sits down with Josh London, CMO of IDG Communications, to discuss AT&T Business’ shift to a digital content marketing approach, how his marketing, product and development teams are working together to enhance the experience of their customers, and how customer experience is shaping the role of the CMO.

IDG CMO Perspectives: Tim Yeaton, CMO, Red Hat

Written by IDG on 07/11/2017

Red Hat CMO, Tim Yeaton, sits down with Josh London, CMO of IDG Communications, to discuss Red Hat’s transformation beyond its Linux-based roots, the marketing team’s strategies for enhancing the customer experience, and best practices for how the team is measuring content efficiency.

Security Ecosystem Demands

Written by Bob Bragdon on 04/11/2017

What’s with the 80-page security questionnaire that just arrived from my new business partner? This is a common question I hear from businesses all the time. They enter into a new partnership with a company and right on the heels of the agreement being signed – sometimes even prior to the deal being inked – […]