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Moving to Fast Fail

Written by Bob Bragdon on 31/05/2018

Managing security for today’s enterprises is an increasingly complex task. But being comfortable with failure is an important skill. Managing security for today’s enterprises is an increasingly complex task. Just look at the environment you work in: threats both inside and out, legacy technologies that may be exposing your systems through unknown or unpatched vulnerabilities, […]

Becoming a Relevant Part of the Conversation

Written by Adam Dennison on 29/05/2018

Thought leadership is a term that gets thrown around a lot – every company wants to be considered a ‘thought leader,’ but very few go about it the right way. Thought leadership marketing requires a dedication to a topic or concept over time, and a concerted approach to weave it through all your marketing initiatives. […]

IDG CMO Perspectives: Ryan Carlson, CMO, Okta

Written by IDG on 24/05/2018
Ryan Carlson, CMO, Okta

Ryan Carlson, CMO of Okta, describes how his team builds relationships with CIOs in this edition of IDG’s CMO Perspectives. During this conversation with Josh London, CMO of IDG Communications, Ryan also shares how he looks for diverse skills when building a marketing team and the role AI is taking in the martech stack.

6 Storytelling Techniques That Will Improve Your Brand Strategy

Written by Sue on 21/05/2018

The Relationship between Brand and Story The first time I heard the word “brand” I was maybe 10 years old. My dad came home with a short iron rod that was as big around as a ball point pen. It had a triangular handle on one end and his initials – RBT– written in reverse […]

Don’t Call Yourself a Thought Leader; You Have to Earn It

Written by Rob O'Regan on 17/05/2018

I’m not a huge fan of the term “thought leader”, but it does provide useful context for technology marketers trying to reach IT buyers. Thought leadership is a critical component of any content marketing strategy, because demonstrating expertise on a topic is a critical step in building credibility and trust with prospective customers. I would […]

A Quick Guide to GDPR

Written by IDG on 09/05/2018

GDPR comes into effect on May 25, 2018. IDG Communications will be fully compliant, as we believe that it is in the best interest of our users and the industry. To help, we’ve put together a quick guide that might help you as you try to navigate these complicated waters. Data Subject: The only person […]

Key Questions for Sales to Get Ready for GDPR

Written by IDG on 04/05/2018

If you are a tech marketer at a global organization with demand generation strategies, then GDPR is likely a hot topic for your customers. And, my guess is that your sales team is coming to you with questions about GDPR, from themselves or their clients. GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation for the European […]

GDPR: An Update on IDG’s Progress

Written by Josh London on 04/05/2018

GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation for the European Union. Effective May 25, 2018, it will apply new legal rights for individuals in Europe as it relates to their personal data and how it is managed. In this blog post, Josh London, Chief Marketing Officer of IDG Communications speaks about how IDG Communications is […]

Change is Constant, Quality Endures

Written by Matt Egan on 03/05/2018

Living as we do at the confluence of technology and media, change is constant at IDG. In my 15-year career the cadence of disruption has accelerated from years to months to weeks. Technology, skills, people and metrics evolve and revolve at breakneck pace. Products develop, platforms and media come and go. We continue to succeed […]

Don’t Be Misled by Vanity Metrics: It’s Always About the Sale

Written by Gordon Plutsky on 01/05/2018

Measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns has gotten significantly more complicated as the number of measurement tools and platforms multiply. The difficulty to quantify is compounded in B2B with indirect sales, long sales cycle times and committee-based buying. In response to these challenges, many marketers default to using so-called “vanity metrics” to gauge campaigns focusing […]