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A Guide to the CIO’s 2019 Tech Priorities

Written by IDG on 04/12/2018
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According to the CIO Tech Poll: Tech Priorities 2019 research, 57% of CIOs expect their technology budgets to increase over the next 12 months. This growth is fairly consistent with past years of this study. However, technology priorities are constantly changing based on the tools that organizations have implemented throughout the past year and the […]

Why Topic Clusters and Pillar Pages Matter for Your SEO Strategy

Written by IDG on 03/12/2018

The nature of search is changing, and marketers must adapt to remain effective in their SEO strategies. Google continues to refine their algorithms to better identify user intent as search behavior shifts dramatically. People today are submitting longer and more conversational search queries, expecting to find exactly what they’re looking for in a matter of […]