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The Benefits of an Inspirational Keynote Speaker

Written by Anne McCrory on 22/05/2019
Keynote at AGENDA19

“You are defined not by your setback, but by your comeback.” So said adventure racing world champion and bestselling author Robyn Benincasa, our keynote speaker at AGENDA19. She was describing setbacks during races, and from injuries, competing in wilderness races all over the world. But the lesson was universal. So much so, in fact, that […]

Digital Transformation for the Win: Insights on the Resources Needed to Make the Play

Written by IDG on 17/05/2019

As digital business transformation continues to evolve, so does the role of technology decision-makers. While IT decision-makers (ITDMs) have always played an integral role in the tech purchase process, they are taking on additional responsibilities to ensure their organization’s digital-first focus comes to fruition. Since 93% of organizations have plans to pursue digital transformation, it […]

3 Ways to Separate Your Content Marketing from the Pack

Written by Rob O'Regan on 03/05/2019
separate your content marketing

Technology marketers are making steady progress in the art and science of brand storytelling – aka content marketing. In the B2B tech edition of the Content Marketing Institute’s latest study (sponsored by IDG), 75% of tech marketers say their content marketing efforts are more successful than they were a year ago. Nearly half (49%) believe […]