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Security Priorities Blog Series – Part Three: Keeping a Strategic Focus is Difficult

Written by Bob Bragdon on 09/01/2020

When a security team can focus more of their time addressing strategic issues, as opposed to tactical ones, we know that a host of benefits can flow from that. Less downtime, fewer breaches, and fewer financial losses, to name a few. The challenge, for any organization, is that there are always those tactical issues that […]

It’s Time for Content Marketers to Narrow the ‘Value Gap’

Written by Rob O'Regan on 07/01/2020

IDG’s Customer Engagement survey, now in its 7th year, always includes a few surprises. But it also includes a few themes that carry over from year to year. The one constant that deserves marketers’ full attention is what I call the “value gap”– the disconnect between IT buyers’ need for relevant, helpful content and technology […]

Partner Marketing Executives Share Their Top Challenges

Written by Rick Currier on 03/01/2020

Partner marketing is growing in popularity, but are the results matching its growing fame? The complexity of executing strategy through partners makes it increasingly difficult to prove success. To help uncover some of the industry’s challenges specific to partner marketing, IDG hosted its first Partner Marketing Executive Dinner this fall in Silicon Valley. With a […]