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Becoming a Relevant Part of the Conversation

Written by Adam Dennison on 29/05/2018

Thought leadership is a term that gets thrown around a lot – every company wants to be considered a ‘thought leader,’ but very few go about it the right way. Thought leadership marketing requires a dedication to a topic or concept over time, and a concerted approach to weave it through all your marketing initiatives. […]

The old business-IT debate still rages

Written by Adam Dennison on 15/03/2017

When I started my high-tech media career 16 years ago, business-IT alignment was a hot topic, and it still is today. Google the phrase “business-IT relationship” and you’ll find scores of articles on the topic; it even has its own Wikipedia entry. Is there any C-level executive who gets poked, prodded or questioned more than […]

The CIO role grows more strategic

Written by Adam Dennison on 18/01/2017

Our 2017 State of the CIO data shows positive movement in the three KPIs I track: reporting structure, tenure and evolution of the CIO role. Here’s a snapshot of trends in these areas. Reporting Structure Most C-level executives want to report to the CEO. This year, 46 percent of the nearly 650 CIOs we surveyed […]

State of the CIO 2017

Written by Adam Dennison on 20/09/2016

For those of you familiar with our flagship State of the CIO report, this is the time of year when we field the survey that we use to collect the data from which we glean the insights for our annual look at the status of IT leaders in the business world. We do a lot […]

Don’t Let Your Culture Keep You Off of the Cloud

Written by Adam Dennison on 16/05/2016

I had recently the pleasure of hosting a CIO dinner in Palo Alto, Calif., with a dozen IT execs and one of our vendor partners. The topic was cloud computing and my key questions were, “Where are your organizations today versus two to three years ago in moving to the cloud?” and “What are the […]

It’s time to lean in on IT hiring

Written by Adam Dennison on 21/04/2016

How are you feeling about your IT budget over the next 12 months? I ask because we have an Economic Outlook research study at CIO that we update on a quarterly basis and, since November of 2012, between 51% and 57% of respondents have said that their budgets would rise over the next 12 months. […]

How to make your IT organization work

Written by Adam Dennison on 15/03/2016

How has the structure of your IT organization changed over the past few years? What do you see it looking like in the next three years? The dynamic and changing landscape of a business technology organization is a topic that comes up frequently when I speak with IT execs. Our research at shows that […]

Why it pays to meet your customers

Written by Adam Dennison on 18/02/2016

In the May 2015 issue of CIO magazine, I wrote that it was time for CIOs to gain a better understanding of their companies’ external customers, and even to start taking steps that would lead to themselves and their teams spending time directly with those customers. Now that we are firmly in the customer experience […]

Finding the courage for career transformations

Written by Adam Dennison on 30/09/2015

Admiring IT execs who tackle the challenges of moving into dramatically different industries. We talk a lot about transformation in this industry: digital transformation, IT transformation, business transformation, and so on. But what we often overlook are career and personal transformation. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Tony Koures, CTO at the University of […]

CIOs are cutting back on the number of ‘strategic’ vendors they use

Written by Adam Dennison on 30/07/2015

IT vendors need to learn more about CIO challenges and business goals if they want to achieve the exalted ‘strategic partner’ status. How many truly strategic vendor partners do you have? What does it take for them to earn that status? While every enterprise tech vendor may strive for that elevated level of importance to […]

IT Must Face Outward

Written by Adam Dennison on 23/04/2015

CIOs and IT organizations must focus on readiness for customer contact. There’s no better way to elevate IT’s status than to make it more outward-facing. Who are your customers? Why do they buy from you? What keeps them coming back? What would turn them onto your competitors? Competitors? That’s right, I’m talking about your external […]

Security Rises to a CEO-Level Priority

Written by Adam Dennison on 19/02/2015

The State of the CIO research shows that cybersecurity and enterprise risk are zooming up the charts as high-profile topics on the CIO and CEO agendas. How strategic is IT security to you and your enterprise? Our 2015 State of the CIO research, published in January, tells us that it’s certainly climbing up your priority […]