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Content Marketing Strategy: Earn Your Way into Consideration

Written by IDG on 24/03/2020
content marketing 101

IDG’s 2019 Customer Engagement study found 72% of technology buyers say it’s challenging to find credible content. Why, we wonder, in a landscape where organizations are publishing a variety of marketing materials, is it difficult for tech buyers to locate enough quality, trusted information? The disparity here lies not with a lack of content, because […]

Exploring the Tech Purchase Process by Specific Tech Solutions

Written by IDG on 24/03/2020

The list of technologies that organizations have at their disposal today is never ending – whether it be a new cloud computing solution or data & analytics tool. To better understand how IT decision-makers (ITDMs) are investing in this variety of solutions, IDG’s 2019 Customer Engagement research and 2019 Role & Influence of the Technology […]

Understanding the Tech Initiatives & Priorities of Today’s CIOs

Written by IDG on 17/03/2020

It’s that time of year again; CIO’s annual State of the CIO report is released. This year’s survey examines how CIOs are seeing their role transition within their respective companies as technology continues to drive business forward. To bring this data to life, SVP/General Manager, IDG Events & Publisher, CIO, Adam Dennison hosted a webcast […]

How Do Developers Achieve Success?

Written by IDG on 25/02/2020

When it comes to the technicalities within the tech purchase process, such as ensuring efficient software integration or researching new tools and solutions, who do tech leaders rely on? The answer: the developer. According to IDG’s 2019 Role of the Developer study, 56% of those on the application development team say they are brought into […]

Using Research to Shape your 2020 Marketing Goals

Written by IDG on 19/02/2020

Research is the backbone of strategic marketing – whether it’s to help steer the direction of product marketing, direct a content marketing plan, or support the alignment of sales and marketing efforts. Each year, IDG’s marketing team conducts several primary research studies to better understand the activities and drivers of our tech buying audience, including […]

Committed to Quality: An Inside Look at the Award-Winning Content Behind Our Brands

Written by IDG on 30/10/2019

As we gear up for the big reveal at the Eddie & Ozzie awards gala tonight, we wanted to reflect back on some of our proudest editorial moments. At IDG Communications, quality content fuels everything we do. With 50+ years of deep domain expertise, we understand the technology landscape like no one else and take […]

Influencing the Influencers: Understanding IDG’s Connected B2C Audience

Written by IDG on 30/09/2019

Effective B2C marketing is a roadmap of reaching the right audience with the right message in the right place at the right time. For many brands, navigating this road to actively engage target audiences is a challenge. Why? Because as buyers rely on product reviews and 3rd party feedback before making a purchase, marketers may […]

Insights from Inbound – 3 Tactics to Engage Your Target Audience

Written by IDG on 26/09/2019
Inbound 2019

Earlier this month, IDG Communications’ marketing team attended HubSpot’s annual INBOUND conference. As always, the conference was a hub of thought leadership, high-level strategic insights, and an environment for marketers to get inspired and embrace transformation for our field. Our team attended several interactive sessions at INBOUND 2019 and left with quality takeaways to revitalize […]

Research Shows That Digital Business Efforts Aim to Improve the Customer Experience

Written by IDG on 06/09/2019

Digital transformation has claimed its place in the modern business world, subsequently altering the status of the business landscape for enterprise organizations and SMBs alike. According to IDG’s 2019 State of Digital Business research, 91% of organizations have adopted, or have plans to adopt, a digital-first strategy. With worldwide spending on digital transformation technologies predicted […]

Driving Data: Strategic Insights from Marketing Execs at IDG ENGAGE Menlo Park

Written by IDG on 20/08/2019

It’s not every day that marketers are able to connect with so many of their industry peers in one location. Fortunately, IDG ENGAGE Menlo Park opened the door for tech marketing execs to network with one another and hear our expert marketing panelists speak candidly about their marketing strategy in the digital age. Needless to […]

Marketing Execs Discuss Marketing in a Data-Driven World at IDG ENGAGE Boston

Written by IDG on 13/08/2019

In today’s competitive business landscape, many marketers are faced with a common challenge: how to execute a successful marketing campaign that will engage target audiences and drive business. Fortunately, the solution is readily available within the datasphere. In today’s data-driven world, quality insights have the power to transform an organization’s marketing initiatives to drive results […]