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The CSO’s Role & Priorities – Part 1

Written by Bob Bragdon on 18/10/2018

For the past two years CSO and its parent – IDG Communications – have conducted the Security Priorities study, an examination of the CSO’s place in the business, their challenges, and what their priorities and purchasing plans are for the coming year. Since we’ve recently released this year’s findings, I thought we could take an […]

Moving to Fast Fail

Written by Bob Bragdon on 31/05/2018

Managing security for today’s enterprises is an increasingly complex task. But being comfortable with failure is an important skill. Managing security for today’s enterprises is an increasingly complex task. Just look at the environment you work in: threats both inside and out, legacy technologies that may be exposing your systems through unknown or unpatched vulnerabilities, […]

Security Ecosystem Demands

Written by Bob Bragdon on 04/11/2017

What’s with the 80-page security questionnaire that just arrived from my new business partner? This is a common question I hear from businesses all the time. They enter into a new partnership with a company and right on the heels of the agreement being signed – sometimes even prior to the deal being inked – […]

The Hidden Costs of Breaches

Written by Bob Bragdon on 15/06/2017

Employees aren’t always the source of enterprise data breaches, but according to the Global State of Information Security Survey (conducted each year by PwC, CSO and CIO) they remain on the top of most likely suspects. Although a motivated attacker is difficult to defend against, anything you can do to mitigate the risk from “drive-by” […]

Security: A Business Mandate

Written by Bob Bragdon on 24/01/2017
Secuirty a business mandate

If we’ve learned nothing else over the past several years, I hope that we’ve at least come to understand that security is everyone’s responsibility. At, story after story has documented how the largest and most impactful security events have been facilitated by poor security practices, or even simple security oversights. These don’t just occur […]

Notes from the Trenches: What’s top-of-mind with CSOs?

Written by Bob Bragdon on 30/03/2016

I am fortunate that I get to spend a lot of time with CSOs from all over the U.S. It’s great to hear their challenges as well as their hopes and goals for improving their information risk posture. Lately, there have been a few key themes emerging from my conversations with these CSOs, which I’ll […]