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Video – One Essential Tool in Your Content Marketing Toolbox

Written by Barbara R. Call on 26/06/2017

We live in a video-centric world. According to popular stats, consumers and buyers spend 1/3 of their online time watching videos. It’s no different among technology decision makers, according to IDG Enterprise’s 2017 Customer Engagement Survey: 95% of tech decision-makers watch technology-related videos Where are they watching? 71% watch on vendor websites 65% watch on […]

Great Content and Brilliant Design – You Need Both. Now Let’s Stop Arguing.

Written by Barbara R. Call on 27/04/2017

Great content can get lost with poor visual design. Or, to flip it around, good visual design enhances storytelling. This isn’t news to anyone in the world of content marketing. What’s surprising, though, is the number of people who still need convincing. Not only does good visual design enhance storytelling, good design is critical to […]

What’s Next for Content Marketing? The Interactive Digital Experience.

Written by Barbara R. Call on 16/03/2017

We live in a visual world. Gone are the days of black and white columns of type. Today’s modern culture expects—even demands—visual presentation. Or visual clues. Or just visual content to play with, interact with, and disseminate. For B2B marketing experts, we know words can’t be written in a vacuum, without considering the digital presentation. […]

Want to Outsource Your Content Marketing? Here’s What Your Content Partner Needs to Know.

Written by Barbara R. Call on 14/02/2017

You’ve decided to outsource your content marketing. You’ve hired a trusted partner, such as IDG Strategic Marketing Services, to bring your ideas to life.  To hit the mark with the content we develop—whether that’s videos, white papers, blogs, tweets, or infographics—we need your help at the outset. To give us both the best chance of […]

Context Marketing – the Essential Complement to Content Marketing

Written by Barbara R. Call on 05/01/2017

Google the word “context” and here’s the definition: the circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood and assessed. Context is essential in communication. A comment, idea, or opinion that’s delivered without context often feels socially awkward, as in “where did that […]

Want to Excel at Content Marketing? Be Sure to Hire Experts in Emerging Technologies

Written by Barbara R. Call on 27/09/2016

A few weeks back I wrote about the future of content marketing, predicting that “tomorrow’s marketing content will be highly visual, often interactive, personalized whenever possible, and 100% mobile optimized.” To me, interactive content marketing has the biggest “cool” factor, as it usually involves blending together one or more emerging technologies with design, enthusiasm, and […]

What Does the Future of Content Marketing Look Like?

Written by Barbara R. Call on 03/08/2016

The term “content marketing” has been around for a while, and most organizations are using some kind of content (blogs, infographics, white papers, videos) to identify and/or nurture leads through their chosen channel (websites, social, email). But what does the future hold for content marketing? Turns out, just like our technology clients, whose businesses are […]