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How to Ensure Data and Brand Safety

Written by Gordon Plutsky on 01/04/2019

2019 is the year that digital advertising spending surpassed television’s ad revenue. The data that drives all that online ad spending is itself a $10 billion business. And, yet the market for 3rd party targeting/audience data is still the wild west and shows no signs of changing. In fact, the latest landscape shows nearly […]

Data Driven Insights to Power Customer Engagement

Written by Gordon Plutsky on 01/06/2018

B2B media companies have a new role to play when it comes to delivering audiences to advertisers. Top of funnel awareness tactics still have merit, but increasingly media companies are offering a secret weapon to help their partners deepen engagement and get closer to their prospective customers—data. Powerful data signals to drive deep customer engagement […]

Don’t Be Misled by Vanity Metrics: It’s Always About the Sale

Written by Gordon Plutsky on 01/05/2018

Measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns has gotten significantly more complicated as the number of measurement tools and platforms multiply. The difficulty to quantify is compounded in B2B with indirect sales, long sales cycle times and committee-based buying. In response to these challenges, many marketers default to using so-called “vanity metrics” to gauge campaigns focusing […]

Data Visualization: Storytelling to Generate Insights

Written by Gordon Plutsky on 01/06/2017

  Marketers have more data than ever to help them evaluate the effectiveness of their campaigns. In fact, it can feel like it is coming through a fire hose. Websites, online ads, lead generation, social, email, etc. can generate an ever growing mountain of data for an analyst. There are challenges to having all of […]

How to Measure the ROI of Your Content Marketing

Written by Gordon Plutsky on 23/05/2017

One of the key insights from the recently released Content Marketing Institute’s (CMI) Technology Content Marketing 2017 report is that marketers are still having trouble determining KPIs and ascribing ROI measures to their content efforts. It is not that surprising as gauging the impact of your whole content plan or even a single piece of […]

The Rise of B2B Influencer Marketing

Written by Gordon Plutsky on 18/04/2017

One of the most promising and growing areas of B2B marketing is influencer marketing. A good definition of influencer marketing comes from Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank Marketing Agency: ‘Influencer Marketing is the practice of engaging internal and industry experts/influencers with active networks to help achieve measurable business goals.’ These influencers can help promote your […]

The Rise of ROI-Based Marketing

Written by Gordon Plutsky on 27/03/2017

The digitization of marketing and the customer journey has put the measurement of marketing return on investment (ROI) front and center. The pressure on the CMO and marketing team to turn their investment in MarTech and other investments into sales gold has never been greater.


The Next Wave: Improving Content Marketing with AI

Written by Gordon Plutsky on 10/03/2017

There’s a trending topic getting the growing attention of tech marketers – Artificial Intelligence (AI). The concept has been around for decades and most of us use it everyday without thinking about it. However, AI represents the next wave in marketing innovation for tech marketers and will become more prevalent in 2017 and beyond. AI […]

Five Ways to Up Your B2B Marketing Game in 2017

Written by Gordon Plutsky on 16/12/2016

At the recent Ad Tech/New York, Geoff Ramsey of eMarketer gave an eye opening keynote address on the topic of media consumption as he unleashed a blizzard of stats and facts. A few key takeaways: The amount of time people spend per day with media has increased from 11 hours in 2010 to 12:05, and […]

How to Create a Marketing Analytics Plan

Written by Gordon Plutsky on 13/09/2016

Everyone in B2B marketing is talking about the importance of data & analytics, measurement, KPIs, ROI and other metrics based tactics. However, it often remains an afterthought or done in a reactive manor to report to management on a campaign. With data becoming more integral for tech marketers, it is time to adopt a more […]

Using Content Quality to Improve Your SEO Results

Written by Gordon Plutsky on 22/07/2016

There has been buzz in the search engine optimization (SEO) community about some recent changes to the way Google’s algorithm ranks sites for organic search. It is part of the ongoing efforts to deliver results that provide searchers with the payoff to their questions and queries. When IT buyers want answers to vexing tech solution […]