Archives for: May 20th, 2016

Tech Vendors: Create a Connection Early in the Sales Experience

Written by Nancy Newkirk on 20/05/2016

Like most CIO’s, I get messages daily from sales reps at companies that I don’t do business with currently. A few catch my attention, and some I will respond to. The methods and timing for vendor communication can create a positive association or a negative one, and it’s important to know that fine line. So, […]

What Does Security Education Look Like at your Company?

Written by Nancy Newkirk on 24/02/2016

Security experts say that employees are the weakest link in your security chain. In fact, CSO’s recent survey, the 2016 Global State of Information Security Survey, reinforces this. When security professionals were asked what the likely source of security incidents is, the top response from an insider perspective was current employees. When nearly a quarter […]

Looking Ahead to 2016, the Technology Areas We’re Considering

Written by Nancy Newkirk on 03/12/2015

Being the CIO for a company that writes about, researches, and connects the technology community has its challenges and its advantages. I have access to knowledgeable resources that would not normally be available to a CIO for a company our size, but I am also regularly challenged by colleagues as to why we aren’t using […]

Adapting IT Skill Sets for Business Success

Written by Nancy Newkirk on 22/09/2015

As we move different aspects of the business to the cloud and as technologies get more diverse, numerous and complex, IT skill sets need to adapt. When a position opens up, we try to be forward thinking and hire the skill set we need for the future, whether it is looking within the team and […]