Become More Than Just a Vendor. Become a Partner.

CMO: Numbers that Count

IT marketers recognize that traditional IT decisions have been elevated to business decisions as transformative technologies are increasingly being applied to generate business opportunity and revenue growth. This development has increasingly engaged business leaders within the purchase process, but our research demonstrates a distributed decision making process with IT organizations leading each stage.

The Role & Influence of the Technology Decision Maker results indicate that the growing complexity of enterprise IT architectures requires all IT functional areas work together and therefore marketers must target their communications at all levels within the IT organization, with perspective oriented messaging on tight budgets and through a growing list of channels.

Purposeful messaging may get a conversation, but ultimately, vendors must establish their value as a strategic partner in order to get a seat at the table. This survey has shown us that sales cycles are shorter when businesses work with familiar vendors and vendors understand ‘business’ goals and objectives.

What are your thoughts on this? As a vendor, what steps is your organization taking to be viewed as a strategic partner?

We’ll discuss that painfully long list of channels again soon…

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