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Technology is transforming how businesses operate– from big data, mobility, BYOD, cloud, social and beyond– and it’s also driving rapid change in how IT decision-makers (ITDMs) engage with content to meet business needs. The recent Customer Engagement research, conducted by IDG Enterprise, revealed that IT decision-makers download an average of nine assets during the purchase process and validated that they need clearly differentiated content at each stage of the purchase decision. The mandate for vendors to strengthen their publishing capabilities could not be clearer.

ITDMs use articles, how-to videos, product reviews, ROI tools and more to assist in the decision-making process, opening the door for tech solution providers to not only share their thought leadership, but to build relationships with ITDMs throughout the purchase process with a variety of assets.

Tech marketers need to build an extensive library to facilitate ongoing discussions and stay top-of-mind through each stage of the purchase process. The challenge will be to provide unbiased, relevant content to ITDMs—at just the right time— as they investigate new products and solutions for their organization. This is an area marketers struggle to develop and maintain in a rapidly transforming marketplace. Content services, like those provided by IDG Enterprise’s Custom Solutions Group, enable marketers with the ability to grow their library and include a trusted, third-party voice, reducing perceived vendor bias – a crucial piece of the puzzle for any tech marketer looking to connect with potential customers.

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