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Considering the ubiquity of IT vendors’ web presence, the popularity of social marketing, and the ‘always on’ connectivity enabled by smart mobile devices, IT decision-makers should, in theory, have access to all the information they need to make knowledgeable technology and security purchases for their organizations. However, IDG Enterprise’s recent Customer Engagement research demonstrates how difficult it can be to cut through the white noise to find enough high quality trusted information.

81% of respondents report that locating enough high-quality, trusted information to make informed enterprise IT purchase decisions is at least somewhat challenging. Time crunched IT executives appear to be feeling this pain most acutely, with 42% of IT heads reporting it is extremely or very challenging compared to 35% of non-heads of IT.

When searching for content online, the majority of IT decision-makers (ITDMs) prefer to click on organic search results (68%) compared to 5% that prefer paid results. Familiarity of a source not only increases the likelihood of a tech buyer clicking on a link (83%), it also increases the trust tech buyers have in the information they read online (73%).

The majority of ITDMs are aware of marketers’ efforts to reach them through data services techniques. Only 20% of respondents said that they do not notice when content is delivered relating to search or previous downloads. Their level of appreciation for this content, however, varies. The research shows that 45% of respondents notice and appreciate content delivered related to their search history, while 35% notice but do not appreciate this tactic. Conversely, 39% notice and appreciate content delivered related to previous downloads, while 40% of respondents report that they notice, but do not appreciate that service. IT heads are not only receptive to receiving related content; they appreciate it more than non-heads – most likely due to the resulting time savings.

Knowing that tech buyers are receptive—and even appreciative—of related content should give marketers enough incentive to consider using data services to enhance search marketing efforts. Data services not only present a valuable opportunity to deliver the high quality, relevant content that ITDMs are actively seeking, but they also provide the most relevant content possible to tech buyers, increasing the likelihood of engagement and enhancing your credibility with this important audience.

Have you considered using data services to enhance your search marketing efforts?

Source: Customer Engagement: The Role of Content in the IT Purchase Process, IDG Enterprise, 2012

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