In BYOD Discussions, Security is Key

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Consumerization of IT in the Enterprise (CITE) adoption will continue to expand and IT leaders need to develop strategies that tie business value to CITE, according to IDG Enterprise’s recent Consumerization of IT Research. With this said, 60% of organizations currently support the use of personally owned smartphones, and this is not expected to change over the next 12-18 months. Tablets are expected to jump from 51% to 58% within the next 12-18 months, whereas, the support of personally owned laptops is expected to decrease 7% to 50%. Technology vendors have the opportunity to elevate the strategic discussions as enterprises look to adopt cloud, apps, social, storage and more.

Currently half of enterprises have an app store or are considering developing one, and the majority is creating business apps for both customers (60%) and employees (56%). The usage of mobile apps can increase employee productivity, access to work materials, improve customer communications, increase customer satisfaction and more. Eighty-eight percent of users are also looking for ways to enhance engagement through services and 71% intend to share files and collaborate. Companies are also utilizing cloud offerings like LinkedIn, Skype, Box, Egnyte and more to provide ease without needing approval or assistance from IT.

Security is a key theme when discussing CITE integration. Three-quarters of organizations believe that security is the greatest challenge, so it is concerning that 36% of users still adopt technologies without their security team’s knowledge. The ability to provide security for the devices is the number one factor that organizations look for when evaluating mobile technology vendors. Leading vendors can maximize ROI by addressing critical success factors, such as security and providing cross-platform devices.

For an IT vendor to rise above the pack, the security aspect of their CITE solution needs to be complete, as well as provide ease of integration with existing infrastructure and have the ability to work across a variety of platforms and operating systems.

How is your team ensuring that its security meets ITDM’s standards?

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