Is Your Content as Accessible as It Should Be?

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According to a study conducted by IDG Research, 57% of smartphone and 31% of tablet users engage with content on their mobile device. IDG Enterprise’s Customer Engagement research, however, revealed that mobile content access has several limitations. The majority of IT decision-makers (87%) report impediments to viewing and accessing information to help them make purchase decisions on mobile devices, including: user interface not optimized for a mobile device (49%), difficulty typing (34%) and security concerns (33%).

Beyond creating trusted, relevant content, tech marketers need to produce content that is viewable and interactive on mobile devices. Developing information that is optimized for a variety of devices will make it easier for customers to access the information they need, when they need it, on their preferred device – ultimately enhancing their purchase experience.

IT marketers also need to evaluate how they are using social media to engage ITDMs. Three-quarters (73%) of ITDMs have engaged with a technology vendor using social media or business networking sites. In addition to maintaining a social presence to shape conversations, actively engaging ITDMs on social media has more tangible benefits. More than two-fifths of respondents report that the ability to interact with or follow technology vendors on social sites has improved their willingness to recommend vendors to others (44%), their overall vendor satisfaction (43%), customer service experience (43%), and their feelings of brand loyalty (40%).

Our research demonstrated that ITDMs also actively disseminate valuable content to their peers – creating a valuable opportunity for marketers to expand their reach. While ITDMs are most likely to use email (86%) to share content/assets they read and download, they also access social/business networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. Providing social media and email links alongside content via a built-in toolbar will encourage sharing. 91% of respondents reported that would share content with their peers via a built-in tool.

Bottom line: ITDMs are embracing mobile and social. IT marketers should too… there are numerous benefits to doing so.

Is your team effectively measuring the ROI of mobile and social initiatives?

Source: Customer Engagement: The Role of Content in the IT Purchase Process, IDG Enterprise, 2012

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